Dirty glasses, how often do we walk around with fogged and stained lenses? One ingredient is enough to make them very clean again. Here’s how you should proceed. Do you also often find yourself with super dirty glasses, full of stains and fingerprints? With this ingredient you will have very clean windows in 2 minutes! Trust us, you will thank us.

Glasses: Why they get dirty so easily

We all certainly have glasses, faithful allies of students, workers, but especially short-sighted. In recent years they have become not only an accessory of need but also of style and trend. In fact, many are accustomed to wearing glasses, if only for aesthetic reasons. Those who must have a pair or more for much more serious reasons know how difficult it is to keep them clean. How many times have you also walked around with fogged, dirty, stained, scratched or fingerprinted glasses? Surely many.

You will also know that simply washing the windows with running water or detergents is often not only useless, but also dangerous, as you risk compromising the functionality of the windows. But why do glasses get dirty so easily? There are four main reasons: Sweat, dust, chemical substances in the atmosphere, in the car or at home and lack of care , that is, not cleaning the windows regularly. Today we offer you a solution that you surely did not know yet. Here is the ingredient that will allow you to clean the lenses of your glasses in just two minutes : they will be super bright.

Clean glasses in two minutes: Here is the secret ingredient

Often you put on your glasses in a hurry and leave the house to go to work or shopping. As soon as you drive your car or stand among the shelves of the supermarket, you will have quietly noticed that you cannot see anything: Your windows are certainly dirty. And yet you had cleaned them just before! Why do glasses get dirty so easily? The main causes are essentially four. In the first place, sweating: the moisture emitted by our skin tends to settle on the lenses of the glasses, making them dirty. Not to mention the dust that is present in the air and easily settles on the glass. And can we talk about chemicals? They leave dirt stains on your glasses. Finally, the failure or poor maintenance of the glass , which often tends to be cleaned with unsuitable products. And yet, the solution to brilliant and crystal-clear glasses is within everyone’s reach. You only need one ingredient to see the change. Do you know what you need? Just one potato!

Yes, you read correctly. This vegetable can solve all your problems. Why can the potato clean the lenses of your glasses and make them very clear? The answer is just as simple: because of its high starch content. How should you proceed? Take a potato, peel it, wash it and cut it into fairly thick slices. Take one of the cut washers and gently rub it over the glasses of your precious accessory. After finishing this process, clean your accessory with a microfiber cloth and remove all traces of starch . That’s it: you will be surprised to see how the lenses of your glasses will be free of stains, halos and even scratches. In fact, starch seems to be able to remove even the flat, but superficial stains that often appear on the lenses of our glasses.