Create a powerful cleaner that is second to none: With just two ingredients, you can do it right at home. Let’s see what it’s all about.

With these two ingredients, you can create an unprecedented cleaner that will allow you to clean all the surfaces in your home of even the most stubborn dirt. Now you can say enough to the pile of detergents that populate your pantry: you won’t need them anymore. We constantly buy countless detergents and household products; we are tempted by misleading advertising and the hope of finding the miracle product. Most of the time it is a waste of money, the results are disappointing and the environmental damage is really enormous.

This is the time to minimize your expenses and also minimize the pollution from all the mostly useless cleaning products. The economic crisis has reached a very high level as well as the environmental pollution. With this little trick, you make a single cleaner that you can use on multiple surfaces, with very little effort and only two ingredients.

Here’s how to use this powerful cleaner made with just two ingredients

What we’re about to show you is a powerful degreaser cleaner that can be used in a variety of ways. In just a few seconds, for example, you can clean a pan full of charred residue that seems to be stuck. Simply heat the pan for two minutes, then spray our cleaner directly onto the burned areas. Then simply run a soft sponge over the pan surface: all stubborn residue will magically dissolve. It can only be used as a pre-treatment for burnt and encrusted dishes.

Our cleaner can also be used to clean your kitchen countertop. The result is perfect: just spray the cleaner on the dirty surface and gently rub everything with a damp cloth. This product also perfectly disinfects all sanitary facilities: Sinks, toilets, bathtubs. They will shine like never before.

But that’s not all: use it also on dirty clothes before putting them in the washing machine. This will make it easier to remove stains. Use it also on crusted grills, dirty windows, stained white shoes or even car rims. Its use is truly universal and the results will be excellent no matter what type of detergent you choose. A lot of money saved and a lot less hassle, all you have to do is try this very simple combination of two very common ingredients: Dishwashing liquid and methylated spirits. These two ingredients together can remove stains, degrease and disinfect everything. Let’s see together how we can bring the detergent to life.

How to make your own detergent with dishwashing liquid and rubbing alcohol

To make your universal and effective detergent, you just need to follow a few simple steps. The first thing you need to do is to equip yourself with an empty container, preferably a spray bottle, so you can vaporize the product to your liking. Start filling the spray bottle with 2 ounces of dishwashing liquid, all is enough. Then continue by adding only 1 ounce of methylated spirits. These are the two main ingredients of the detergent. However, the consistency will be too dense, and you must therefore add 10 ounces of water to the two ingredients that have just been mixed in the spray bottle. As you can see, it’s quite simple, you just have to try it.