Electricity has become expensive in times of energy crisis. It may be worthwhile to switch to a special tariff. This only applies at night.

We all have to wash clothes sooner or later. At what time of day, the washing machine is turned on is probably mostly rather coincidental. But washing at night can actually be advantageous. The key word here is nighttime electricity. Some consumers may still know it, and the cheaper offer is still available.

With night current cash money can be saved – offer is already more than 50 years old

Night-time electricity was introduced in the 1960s. At that time, many switched to the supposedly effective night storage heating. The night electricity tariff was intended to make the offer more attractive to households. In a night storage heater, heat is emitted only intermittently via electricity. This is stored in special bricks.

It is important to know that at that time heating was almost exclusively with oil or gas. Due to the sudden upswing in electricity, power plants were in danger of being overloaded. The night storage offer was supposed to prevent this.

Unfortunately, night storage heaters turned out to be real energy guzzlers. They also take a certain amount of time to produce heat. The system is now simply outdated. However, the nighttime electricity tariff still exists. For some consumers, a switch could be worthwhile.

Night-time electricity helps network operators and is easy on the wallet

Nowadays, the main issue is that a lot of people consume electricity during the day. Especially at peak times, lines can sometimes run at the limit. In times of energy crisis and gas shortage, many households are afraid of a blackout.

In contrast, many power plants produce too much electricity at night. Ideally, the night tariff should ensure that the surplus energy is also consumed at night. As reported for you, electricity is cheapest between 6 a.m. and 10 p.m.

Save money with night-time electricity

To be able to use night-time electricity, however, households must meet certain requirements. Those who still have a night-saving furnace can be sure that they are already using the tariff. However, anyone who does not have such an electricity heater will first need a dual-rate meter or two separate electricity meters. Only in this way can daytime and nighttime electricity be billed separately.

If the prerequisites are right, the electricity provider can set the cheaper low tariff at night with a timer or automatically. Night-time electricity is no longer as cheap as it was a few decades ago. This is mainly due to the fact that renewable energies are increasingly replacing conventional power plants. It has also become expensive to install.

However, those who intend to use a lot of electricity at night can still save in the long run. Currently, it also looks like the night-time electricity tariff will continue to be offered. By the way, saving energy is not only worthwhile for your wallet, but also in the wake of the climate crisis.