There are tricks to use the washing machine and at the same time reduce energy consumption.

The washing machine, like any household appliance in daily use, affects the cost on your bill. There are several tricks and methods to save energy and reduce your bill at the end of the month. At a time when we are living in a major energy crisis, the issue of saving money is paramount. Among the various methods to save the use of the washing machine, is the laundry washing method. To find out how to use it properly and reduce consumption, I recommend you to read the reports carefully.

Washing machine and consumption

As for the relationship between consumption and washing machine, it must be said that they are very different. The energy consumption costs incurred by the use of the washing machine depends primarily on its energy class. According to estimates, a medium-sized, very energy-efficient washing machine consumes on average about 150 kWh per year.

So, considering that a single kWh costs about 37 cents, a high-efficiency washing machine uses about 40 dollars each year, while a low-efficiency washing machine uses about 100 dollars per year. To reduce electricity and water costs, it is better to buy a new model of energy class A.

Factors influencing costs are clearly the amount of laundry loaded, the number of washes and the type of washing program. Since it is an appliance that consumes a lot, it is important to know how best to use it. A washing machine consumes a lot of electricity to heat the water and spin, so it is important to optimize its use.

How to save money by using the washing machine

By implementing some small precautions, it is possible to avoid unnecessary and high energy consumption. Among the various methods to save on electricity bills, it is worth mentioning the well-known laundry trick. In practice, it is necessary to perform as few washes as possible, reduce the number of washes and use the washing machine only with a full load.

To save money, regular cleaning and maintenance is very important, because when the machine is clean, it works better and consumes less. When washing clothes in the washing machine, it is important to do the laundry at the right time first. Depending on the selected time windows, there are times of day and days when energy prices are lower. To save energy, it is necessary to activate the washing machine at the most favorable time windows specified in the electricity contract.

Pre-washing should be generally avoided, as it requires high water temperatures and consumes a lot of energy. It is better to wash clothes by hand in advance and let them soak in tubs with natural degreasing agents before washing them in the washing machine. Washing with the device must be done at low temperatures and with modern eco-programs, which save about thirty or even forty percent of electricity.

Read the energy label of your washing machine

With the help of the new energy labels or energy labels, which are placed on the packaging of each household appliance, you can compare the different models in terms of savings and sustainability. On the energy label there are several arrows in different colors that indicate whether the energy consumption is low or high.

To understand the actual energy consumption of a washing machine, it is important to know how to read the energy label. In practice, an energy label contains a QR code with all the technical data, the energy efficiency scale, which ranges from class A to class G. In addition, there are the manufacturer’s data and the model of the device, which allow identification.

The energy label provides information about the kWh consumption per hundred wash cycles. There is also precise information on the load capacity, the duration of the Eco program and the associated consumption. Finally, the energy label also contains information on the energy efficiency of the centrifuge as well as information on the noise level of the appliance.