The dryer is a household appliance that allows you to dry clothes, bedding, pillowcases, towels and tea towels in record time. When winter comes and the humidity in the house is high, this device for drying clothes is a real godsend. However, some households prefer natural drying so as not to break down the textile fibers of their laundry and reduce their electricity bill. If you prefer to dry your laundry indoors, here are 3 mistakes you shouldn’t make to optimize your laundry drying time. If you’re used to drying clothes and linens on your clothes rack, you know that drying time can be long in cold weather, forcing you to get rid of your damp clothes for many days. To help you find dry clothes quickly, here are the 3 things you shouldn’t do when drying your clothes indoors.

Mistakes that prolong the drying time

To promote fast drying in the ambient air, you need to avoid these 3 mistakes:

  1. clothes are not spun properly.

Unless you have delicate fabrics, you can run the maximum spin cycle in the machine to remove excess moisture and promote quick drying.

  1. put wet laundry in the bathroom.

The bathroom is the most humid room in your home. With this in mind, this piece is to avoid placing your clothes rack and hope for optimal drying of the laundry. You need to choose a less humid room, preferably with a window. Also, if your radiator is on, you can take the opportunity to place your clothes horse nearby. In fact, all the heat sources you have in your house (ventilation, boiler, radiator) promote the drying of the laundry.

  1. stack the laundry on the clothes horse.

Lay out the laundry properly for optimal drying, making sure it doesn’t pile up and leaving space between garments. For air circulation to be conducive to drying, the laundry must be able to breathe. If your clothes rack is too small, don’t hesitate to hang clothes on hangers throughout the house. Also, bring clothespins to properly extend each item you have on the clothes rack.

Other tips to optimize drying time

These handy tips can help you dry your laundry faster:

  • Use a rolled-up towel

Lay a garment flat in a towel and roll it up to absorb moisture from the garment.

  • Opt for an iron

Again, lay your garment flat in a towel to roll it up, then place the iron on top of the towel to activate a heat source and speed up drying time.

  • Use a hair dryer

Use a hair dryer to dry your clothes.

  • Invest in a fan

The fan is a device that optimizes the drying time without affecting the textile fibers.

  • Put the laundry in the freezer

Fold your laundry properly and then place it in a plastic bag to put it in the freezer for a few hours. When your laundry is dry, use an iron for best results.