The most annoying are wax stains, because no woman knows how to deal with them to solve the problem and at the same time reduce the damage to a minimum.

Grandmothers know this and have always known, who in some way, although today we do not have the same tools, managed to make the clothes look like new again without too much stress and effort, but especially without spending a single cent.

In winter there is never a lack of candles in the house, in fact there are those who light them in spring or summer because they create a wonderful atmosphere. Especially now that Christmas is approaching, there is never a lack of red, gold and silver candles at home, even at the table.

A beautiful colored candle, on the other hand, ready to create a wonderful atmosphere, makes everything more magical, dinners become impressive and romantic as well as festive. But be careful, because suddenly they can become something really very unpleasant.

Be careful when using candles, they can be very dangerous

Candles melt slowly. When they go out and move to clear the table or shelf they are on, you have to be careful because the wax tends to slip. If it falls on clothing, it ruins it, sometimes irreparably, sometimes not.

A wax stain on your clothes is certainly a big problem, but it can be fixed. You need to know how and what to do, because there are methods that work, but it is important to do everything with extreme care and absolutely exclude others. For example, you cannot help but start from the recommendation not to go for hot wax and especially to avoid cold water as much as possible. This is the worst remedy of all. Rather, you should wait until the stain dries completely, and then arm yourself with patience and follow the advice of your grandmother, unique remedies.

Means for removing wax stains from various fabrics

The first remedy that generally solves any problem is: Take a dull knife, follow the contour of the wax stain, gently rub only externally and slowly lift the machine over the fabric.

You have to make precise, but most importantly, fine movements or you will ruin the fabric and at that point there is very little you can do. There is someone who removes wax stains from fabrics with a hair dryer. There is no denying that the method works, but it is really dangerous.

So, turn on the hair dryer, set it to maximum temperature, direct the air directly at the stain, keeping a distance of at least 4 inches from the device. The heat melts the wax slowly, so blot it with absorbent paper. The system works, but you can imagine that unexpected events can happen at the last second, which can permanently ruin the garment. So be careful.

Finally, the last method, which is generally very satisfactory and solves the problem in a very short time, is the one that all grandmothers used and still use today. This is the iron. You spread a cotton cloth over the wax stain and then pass it over the iron. The cotton cloth absorbs the wax, which slowly melts, just like using a hair dryer. Done.

Old wax stains, here are some good tips

If the wax stain to be removed is colored, it is recommended to wet a cotton ball or a piece of absorbent cotton with ethyl alcohol and then run it over the stained surface. The alcohol and cotton will dissolve the stain completely. Immediately afterwards, you can proceed with washing in the washing machine. When doing so, avoid high temperatures, especially if you are dealing with delicate fabrics that have already been treated.

However, if the wax stain is old, it is also enough to simply use an ice cube. You take the cube and place it directly on the stain. Now let it soak for a few minutes and then start scraping the wax. In this case, you can simply use water with a little soap for washing. The garment will be like new, without stress and without fear, but especially without spending a penny.

There are many products on the market that are suitable for removing special stains, they cost a lot and it is not necessarily true that they really work.