Side mirrors are a mandatory part of a vehicle. Their purpose is to accompany the driver on the road and ensure his safety at the wheel. But you may have already noticed it. Some mirrors have a small black band. This black vertical strip has a hidden function that few people know about. We will share with you its usefulness when you drive your car.

What is the function of the black vertical strip on the side mirrors?

Mirrors are mandatory and allow mandatory visual checks as part of safe driving. They also allow you to check your blind spots while driving in order to drive safely. When you are behind the wheel of your car, it is important to drive safely and have a clear view of the road and your surroundings. Mirrors are therefore a necessity for all drivers. They provide a view to the rear and sides. However, certain types of mirrors provide drivers with a better view, especially aspherical mirrors with a vertical black band.  Unlike conventional mirrors, aspherical mirrors are slightly curved outward.  For this reason, there is a vertical black band that makes it possible to delineate the curved part and the flat part of the mirror. It is then easier for the driver to see the difference the naked eye of both parties and naturally adapts to this more comfortable view. In addition, the curved view of these mirrors allows a better view of the rear of the car and increases the area of your blind spot. This is not to be neglected, because it provides real comfort while driving and the field of vision is wider.

What are the different mirrors on a car?

The vehicles consist of different mirrors. Two exterior mirrors and one interior mirror. They are adjustable according to your needs and all have a reflective mirror that allows you to see what is happening behind or beside your vehicle. Their main purpose is to anticipate road hazards and give you extra visibility without losing direct vision.

  • Heated mirrors to prevent fogging

They limit the occurrence of fog and frost, to give you a perfect view with their electric filaments.

  • Electrically adjustable mirrors

There are mirrors that you do not have to adjust manually, these are electric mirrors. They are adjustable by a button that you usually find near the driver’s side windows. This prevents you from touching your mirrors, thus avoiding getting them dirty or damaged.

  • Mirrors with blind spot indicators

Some newer vehicles consist of mirrors with important technology. This is the case of mirrors with blind spot indicators, which allow the driver to be informed when there is an obstacle in the blind spot. Mirrors are mandatory on vehicles and it is necessary that they provide you with important visibility so that you can drive in complete safety.