What are the criteria for choosing a good mattress?…
If all the elements that make up the bedding must be chosen with the greatest care for obvious reasons of comfort, the mattress certainly remains the key element. Its quality and shape undeniably determine the quality of your sleep, and it is therefore important to select it with full knowledge of the facts. Here are some tips and criteria to observe to succeed in this crucial investment for peaceful nights.

What are the criteria for choosing a good mattress?

  • The firmness of the mattress

Firmness is the key criterion to take into account when you want to purchase a good mattress. This is the point which directly determines the comfort you feel once lying on the surface of the mattress. Different brands on the market generally offer degrees of firmness that range from soft to firmest, with an intermediate level considered medium.

Choosing the right level of firmness is the way to avoid back pain, for example, and to guarantee the spine’s correct alignment throughout the night. Models like the Tediber mattress are very popular for their firmness which adapts to all body types, as well as their welcome which combines a soft and plump appearance at the same time. A good mattress should never be excessively hard, in order to avoid back pain.

  • Consider the sleeper’s sleeping position

It is important to take into account your habits and the positions you have during sleep, to make wise choices. High-quality mattresses are designed to accommodate all sleeping positions. If, on the other hand, you choose to invest in an average quality mattress, be sure to carry out several tests to verify that good alignment is guaranteed for your spine. Depending on the manufacturers and sleeping areas of the mattress, certain parts of the sleeper’s body will in fact be more supported than others. It is essential to pay attention to this criterion at the time of purchase.

  • Mattress technology

Mattress manufacturing technology has evolved to now allow brands to offer real gems in terms of comfort on the market. Memory foam is generally used in addition to other specific types of foam for the best mattresses, for increased comfort.

  • Ease of maintenance and hygiene

As a general rule, it is recommended to prefer mattresses made in Germany: this is a guarantee of quality. Certain antibacterial treatments are carried out on certain products, to minimize allergies. When purchasing, you should also favor models whose cover can be simply removed for quick machine washing.

  • Size and sleeping independence

A minimum size must be defined for the mattress, depending on the size of the occupants. It is advisable to opt for a sufficient length, that is to say approximately 15 cm () more than your height. The standard sizes of 140 x 190 cm (55 x 74inches) or 160 x 200 cm (63 x 78 inches). are generally sufficient. And when sleeping as a couple, choosing a good independent bed allows each occupant to have peace of mind despite the movements of their neighbor.