Have you ever thought about what the third compartment of the washing machine is for? It is very useful, but everyone has always ignored it. Therefore, you should think about it instead.

Washing machine, the indispensable device in every home

Despite the fact that high energy prices are weighing on the economy and bringing many families to their knees, it is impossible to do without the use of some household appliances, including the washing machine, which is indispensable in every household.

This exceptionally innovative device allows you to get clean laundry effortlessly and in a short time. What would you do without it? Although technology really benefits us a lot, offering us super modern and technological washing machines that really require the least effort, not all of us can say that we know how to use this device perfectly. The clearest proof? Many of us do not know that our trustworthy device hides a third compartment. Have you ever noticed? But most importantly, do you know what it is for? All washing machines (or almost all) have three compartments, but most people have no idea what function each of them performs. If you want to know in particular what the third compartment of the washing machine is for, continue reading this article. We are sure that you will finally use it too.

What is the third compartment of the washing machine for?

Washing the washing machine is a very simple thing, but not everyone’s cup of tea. Even though this extraordinary device is quite simple to use, it still holds secrets for many. Pay attention to the compartments that are also present in your device. Do you know what they are really for? But most importantly, have you ever used the third compartment of the washing machine? In this post you will learn why you should think about it: We are sure that you will never come back. First of all, the third compartment we are referring to is the one symbolized by the shape of a flower or a four-leaf clover. Now, what is this compartment for? It is intended for fabric softener.

In this section, instead of the products available in stores or supermarkets, you can add detergent or natural mixtures, for example, white vinegar and baking soda. Also use this third compartment and you will see that your laundry will remain softer for a long time, but especially more fragrant. What are the functions of the other compartments? The machine marked with the symbol “I” is intended for pre-washing and should not always be used, but only when the laundry to be washed is particularly dirty.

It requires a lot of water and is definitely not an ecological solution. You can also use it without potentially filling it with environmentally harmful detergents, for example, by pouring in white vinegar instead of detergent: This ingredient is an excellent limescale remover, which will certainly do your washing machine good.

All the “hidden” functions of the washing machine

Instead, the compartment marked “ll” is the one intended for washing clothes , which of course should be used in any washing machine carried out. It is no accident that washing machines have these three chambers, but improper use can lead not only to the breakage of your proven device, but also to damage your laundry. For example, if you put the detergent in the fabric softener compartment, of course, your clothes will not receive a quality wash and, most importantly, you cannot guarantee a thorough cleaning. The same applies if you put the fabric softener instead of the detergent in the wash and prewash compartments: in the latter two cases, for example, at the end of the wash cycle you will notice that the laundry is not clean.

In general, these three compartments we have referred to are found in conventional washing machines. If you have a top-loading washing machine, you will not find these compartments, so you fill the detergent directly into the drum. In the latter case, be well informed and use the recommended dose , that is , the perfect dose for optimal laundry results . In this case, how to solve the problem of fabric softener in washing machines with high loads? Quite simply, you can put a cap of this detergent directly into the washing machine or on the clothes before you start washing. So, as you can see, each compartment of the washing machine has a very specific function.

If you too still have the device with three compartments, use the third compartment, which you probably never thought of before. You will see that with a fabric softener, your clothes will feel soft longer, perfumed and stay cleaner.