One of the first technological tools to enter homes around the world was the television set, a veritable magic box that could captivate millions upon millions of people. However, in order to change the channel, you first had to stand up and press the buttons on top of the TV. The first remote controls were connected to the TV by a cable, and later a new type of wireless remote control was introduced.

In the 1960s, the television became more and more popular and entered many households, and with it the remote controls. With today’s remote controls, you may notice the dots on the side, but what are they for? Here is the hidden option that few people know about.

When you watch TV, you no longer get up and change the channel, you use the remote, a much faster way. Just to see the images better, you can watch TV with the lights off, just to imitate the cinema as much as possible. However, when it is dark, it is difficult to see the numbers on the remote control. For this reason, reference points were implemented to change the channel, a kind of tactile guide. Certain elements on the remote control indicate what you are doing.

The two most important buttons that are immediately recognizable on a remote control are the on and off buttons. They are usually located at the top of the remote and are identified by a tactile feature, a slight bump. Another tactile feature is on the number 5, which is in the middle of the number pad, so you can easily find the other numbers. On other remotes, there are also bumps near the volume and channel change buttons.

Did you know that?