For a restful night’s sleep, there’s nothing better than fresh, silky bedding. However, machine washing can fade the colors and damage the fibers. So, if you want to preserve the softness and quality of your sheets, you need to choose the right program and stop setting the wrong temperature. We tell you everything.

What is the right washing temperature for your sheets?

Bedsheets are used on average 8 hours a day. Night sweat, dust mites and dust collect there every day. Result: they turn into real bacteria nests. And once in the washing machine, you don’t really know what temperature to set. Pay attention to the washing label! It will tell you more.

It’s better to wash at a low temperature!

Basically, bed linen should be washed at a temperature of 140 degrees. Yes, it is ideal for killing all bacteria and germs. But is that really the recommended temperature for sheets? According to Kathleen Bell, sustainable cleaning expert at Smol, in an interview with Some modern detergents are quite capable of dissolving stubborn stains on laundry even at low temperatures. Thus, a temperature of 104°F would be perfectly suitable for household laundry such as bed linen made of synthetic fibers, linen or cotton. This will preserve colors and remove dirt without damaging the fabrics. And remember, by lowering the washing temperature, your washing machine will use much less energy!

At what temperature should I wash white linen and cotton fabrics? Can I wash the sheets at 194 °F?

As you must have understood, the right temperature for washing sheets is 104 °F. Of course, there are some exceptions to the rule. Some materials, such as cotton, withstand washing temperatures from 140 °F to 194 °F better (194 °F only for white sheets). Recommended if your bed linen is very dirty.

How do I wash my bed linen in the machine? More practical tips

It’s time to change your bed linen! But before you put everything in the drum of your washing machine, you need to know some basic washing rules. Because often the fabrics of your bed linen are delicate and fragile

Which program should I use to wash and dry the sheets?

Most often, household linens are made of synthetic materials. To wash them properly, there is neither the “Synthetic” nor the “Color” program. This program takes into account the delicate properties of this type of fabric. If your washing machine does not have this option, you can always choose the temperature indicated above. As for drying, first check the label of your laundry to see what temperatures the different materials support. For optimal drying, fill the drum only three-quarters full. Do not exceed a temperature of 122° F to avoid damaging the fabrics. Note that for the care of household laundry is recommended to dry in the open air or in the sun.

How often should you change your bed linen?

How often should you wash your bed linen? How many times a week you need to wash your bed linen? Are you the type to snack in bed? Do you sweat a lot at night? Do you sleep with your pet? Keep in mind that fitted sheets and bed sheets need to be changed at least once a week. Of course, the frequency can vary depending on the condition of the sheets, but also seasonally. In the summer, temperatures rise and washing becomes more frequent. Other practical advice: Don’t forget to wash your sheets if you’ve been sick to avoid a possible relapse. Regular washing can relieve skin irritations and allergies. And it also guarantees a deep and restful sleep!