The indispensable seat belt remains a key element in protecting drivers and passengers. Although we rarely pay attention to seat belts in cars, they hide a secret button. If you analyze them more closely, you will notice a button that has an important function. Discover the hidden function of this button on the tongue of your seat belt.

What is the function of seat belts?

The first car manufacturer to mass-produce a vehicle equipped with a seatbelt was Volvo in 1959. Today, its use is mandatory and certain considerations must be taken into account:

  • This element must be adapted to the body of the occupant.
  • The vehicle seat must be adjusted for each occupant so that the effectiveness of the seat belt is not compromised in the event of an accident.
  • The proper condition of the seat belt must be checked after wearing.

The most important function of seat belts is to provide protection in the event of an accident. They hold the front passenger in place. They eliminate the risk of death often caused by an impact with the dashboard or windshield.

What is the button on the seat belt tongue for?

Its function is to keep the buckle of the belt at the right height. Thus, it does not slip and fastening the belt is faster and easier. It often happens that the buckle slips behind the seat and finding it is not easy. In addition, the belt buckle prevents the metal tongue , which locks the belt, during the journey to hit against a part of the vehicle, causing annoying rattling. Since the driver often uses it while driving, the release buckle is located only on the passenger side. However, not all car models have such a buckle on the belt. Sometimes this small plastic button replaces the function of the buckle. Remember to wear your seat belts properly. The part of the belt that covers the hips should always be below the abdominal line. The shoulder portion, on the other hand, should run diagonally down the torso. This way, it is easier to protect yourself in the event of an accident. Remember that seat belts are also used to maintain good posture to reduce the force of an impact.

What to do if the belt gets stuck?

Even though the seat belt doesn’t require much maintenance, you still need to make sure it’s working properly. Check to make sure the belt is winding properly and is not deformed. Do not attempt to repair the seat belt yourself. Especially if you don’t have special tools or knowledge to do so. This element is so delicate that it is better to consult a specialist. In some cases, dirt or grease residue can affect the proper functioning of your belt. In these cases, remove it and wash it with soap and water until it is completely clean.