You have probably noticed it many times: when you enter the hotel room, the bed is usually decorated with a small blanket that lies near the foot of the bed. Most of the time, this piece of fabric seems negligible, and you tuck it away in a corner without really paying attention to it. So far you thought that this bedspread is just a part of the furniture. You’re wrong: it’s not just there to give your bed a more aesthetic touch. In truth, it has unexpected benefits. Find out what the real benefits are of this little blanket draped over the bed.

Focus on the benefits of this small blanket on hotel beds

  • A touch of color

Do you know why bedding in hotels is very often white? If you have an eye for detail, you’ve probably noticed that the towels and bathrobes in the bathroom are also white. There are several reasons for this: First, these items are more economical and cheaper to clean. In fact, towels that are dyed or decorated with decorative patterns are more likely to be damaged when washed in the machine. On the other hand, white bedding sets provide cleanliness and tidiness in the bedroom. However, hoteliers have decided to give this pristine white a slightly warmer side by incorporating a touch of color: This small blanket therefore breaks up the overly refined and simple side of white linen.

  • Against shoe stains

We wouldn’t have thought of this, but it’s actually a brilliant idea. Granted, we’re usually supposed to take our shoes off before we lie down on the bed. But many customers lack the reflex to do so. Therefore, it’s very easy to soil the sheets and white bedspread with our questionable soles. Since it is at the foot of the bed, this blanket is also there to prevent mess. So, it acts as a safeguard: better to stain than to raid the bedding fresh from the wash you’ll be sleeping in.

  • Cost and design

This small bedspread enhances the ambience and appearance of the hotel room bed. It saves hotels money: there is no need to incur additional costs to make the bedding more appealing. It is therefore the ideal option to decorate the bedding without adding special elements. In fact, this coating is decorative in itself. It generally harmonizes with the colors and atmosphere of the bedroom. As a bonus, since it is small, it is not as expensive as fancy curtains.

  • To not lose your belongings

Another unimagined advantage: saving time for the customer when he leaves things lying around on the bed. Since this blanket is a different solid color than the sheets and comforter, it’s much easier to quickly identify certain items that can easily get lost, like keys or a cell phone. Before leaving the room, a glance towards the bed is enough to realize that they have forgotten something.

  • A question of hygiene

This blanket is much more practical than a large bedspread, which takes space and time to install, and can be placed on the bed very quickly. This makes it easier for the maid! In addition to its practicality, its hygienic function is by no means negligible. When we enter the hotel room, we usually put the suitcase, travel bag and clothes directly on the bed. Hello germs! Fortunately, this blanket acts as a bulwark against bacteria and viruses that you carry from the outside, protecting the bedding.

  • Quick and easy cleaning

Last but not least, due to its small size, this piece of fabric is much easier to clean than a large and imposing bedspread. Now you understand why this cover has an important feature. Far from being just decorative, its presence provides many benefits both for the hotel and for the guests who stay there.