Practical and durable, zippers come in a variety of forms. It is a fastener that can be found on many garments, bags, luggage and other everyday items. Granted, it’s very easy to use and rarely breaks, but we all worry that it will end up jamming or, on the contrary, not effectively protect the suitcase in case of theft. But have you ever wondered what the holes in these latches could be used for? No, their presence is not decorative, they have a very precise and even particularly useful function. Discover it!

What are the holes in the zippers used for?

When we go on a long trip, we often worry that our suitcases or backpacks with zippers are too vulnerable, especially in the face of possible theft. Fortunately, some zipper sliders have holes. However, few know that these holes have a precise and very practical function. Most zipper models are equipped with this hole so that we can insert a padlock into the metal tongue and secure our luggage. Thanks to the double lock, you only need to bring the two tabs together to lock them with the padlock. They will be quiet and effectively protect all your personal belongings.

But what is the use of this hole in the zipper of a bag or garment? It should be noted that zippers are produced separately and sewn only at the final stage of production of, for example, jackets. So, if the zipper is damaged or breaks, you can easily replace or repair it at a tailor. But this little hole is convenient in many ways: especially if the flap on the pants is very small and difficult to handle, you just have to slide a small ribbon or rubber band into the hole when opening or closing to make it easier to grab trouble. It also works with tight dresses that close in the back: If you have to put it on by yourself and no one can help you, No acrobatics required to unzip it. You just need to pass a long ribbon through the hole to make it easier for you. Finally, the zipper hole is also very handy for blocking a zipper that won’t stay in place and leave your pants open. Hop, put a simple little ring in the hole, pass it around the button of the jeans and you’re done!

Zipper stuck? Try these tricks

Cursors can play tricks on us. Although generally reliable, any zipper can be finicky and annoy us. Because it’s true that having a zipper jam is very annoying. Not being able to close a jacket properly, or even not being able to open your bag because the zipper won’t go, is a stressful moment. Instead of getting annoyed by pulling hard on the tab and possibly even making the situation worse, opt for the following methods instead.

Try soap or a candle. Simply rub detergent or wax on the zipper to unlock it

You can also use the graphite contained in the pins. It will help improve the operation of the lock.

Another experiment: remove the fabric stuck in the teeth of the lock with the tip of a safety pin. However, be careful not to pull the fabric too tightly so that it does not tear.

Last tip: Rub the tip of a pencil along both sides of the zipper teeth. Hold it in place with one hand during the manoeuvre. Keep rubbing until you can see the graphite on the teeth. Focus on the line where the teeth meet, as this is where most zippers get stuck. Apply only light pressure to avoid breaking the tip of the pencil.