If you have lemons at home that you couldn’t use anymore due to various vicissitudes, you should definitely not throw them away. You don’t have to think that they are too old to use, even if a few weeks have passed, because this is clearly not the case. In fact, there are several methods to recycle your old lemons, and below you can discover them all! Are you ready to go? Then start recycling now and get ready to be surprised!

What To Do With Old Lemons , NEVER Throw Them Away, They are worth their weight in gold

As mentioned above, it’s definitely wrong to throw lemons in the trash, even if you forgot them in the fridge for a few weeks. With a few tricks, you can use those lemons in several household chores. Moreover, you will save some money this way. Here’s what you can do with old lemons to keep your home clean and tidy:

Method 1: Use lemons to cool the air

It is very easy to succeed in this job. You need to put a pot of water on the stove and add some sliced lemons. Let everything simmer and once it reaches the boiling point, it will release a pleasant smell in the air. With this method, you will eliminate any bad smell that is typical of a kitchen.

2nd method: Use lemons to repel ants

Ants hate the smell of citrus, so you need to get a cup of water to make a repellent. In the cup of water, add some lemon peels reduced to a puree and then arrange the result in the garden or in strategic points of the house. In this way, the ants will stay away, and you will not have used chemicals.

Method 3: Use lemons to clean garbage cans

To clean the trash can, you need to cut the lemons into 4 parts. Then fill the bins with hot water and squeeze the lemons with your hands to add their juice. Then add in the remaining lemon peels and pour in a jar of vinegar as well. All you need to do is let the mixture sit for a few minutes and then brush with a broom.

Method 4: Use lemons to clean the microwave

In this case, you need to take a cup of water and put the sliced lemons in it. Then, place the cup in the microwave and put it on maximum power for 3 to 4 minutes. To clean, simply wipe the inside of the device with a damp cloth.

Method 5: Use lemons to clean the cutting board

To clean the wooden cutting board, you need to take a lemon and cut it in half. Then sprinkle the coarse salt on the cutting board and then rub it well with one of the 2 halves from the lemons. Rubbing vigorously will eliminate the smell of garlic and fish, and also perfectly clean and disinfect the cutting board. At this point, you just need to use lemons according to the chores you need to do.

Recycling lemons in this way will be very easy and you will learn never to throw them away again. Good cleaning and good recycling.