In which direction does the toilet paper roll hang in your home? Does the sheet to be torn off hang toward the wall or does it face you? Which side is the right one – people still argue about that today. But this little detail reveals a lot about your personality! You can read about the significance of the direction in which the roll hangs and which side is really right here.  

Does it also annoy you when you use someone else’s toilet, and the toilet paper is hanging upside down? Who tears the paper off facing the wall? Not so many people – That’s what a survey on the correct hang direction found. Three quarters of people prefer to have the sheet to be torn off hanging in front of them, ready to hand; only a quarter prefer the other direction. 

That’s the right way 

With this habit, most people are also instinctively correct, because: according to the inventor’s patent, there is only one correct direction. Officially, the roll of toilet paper should be hung so that the sheets can be torn off at the front. Physically, it makes no difference whether the roll hangs forwards or backwards, but some people feel slightly restricted in their comfort on the toilet. In some households, there are outright toilet paper disputes and clandestine rehanging of the toilet roll after use. 

What your toilet paper reveals about your character? 

The American author and relationship expert Dr. Gilda Carle asked herself exactly that and conducted a study with over 2000 participants. In the process, she discovered exciting correlations between toilet paper and personality. Here’s what the different directions mean: 

  • People who hang their toilet paper by sight, as the majority do, are more likely to be controlling, highly structured and perfectionistic.
  • In contrast, people who hang their toilet paper facing the wall are more relaxed and reliable. They seek relationships with a strong foundation.
  • And those who don’t care at all probably have the best cards: they are adventurous and try to avoid conflict.

Now you know what your toilet paper can reveal about you. But quite apart from how around now your role hangs: You don’t always have to make a science out of everything, do you?