One of our habits and customs is to give flowers on various occasions, be it a wedding, a birth, or some other romantic occasion. But such an offer should not be taken lightly. After all, the flower universe has a very special symbolism. The bouquet you give to a loved one, a colleague or an acquaintance says more than you think. Therefore, it is important to know the exact meaning of the flowers based on their color palette to convey the desired message without false notes. Decoding.

Language of flowers: the symbolism of colors

Few people know that the color palette of flowers directly affects human behavior and our emotional state. The choice of colors is never trivial, it often reflects our state of mind and current mood. So, when we unconsciously or subconsciously offer someone a bouquet of flowers, we are conveying a conscious message. You should know that the symbolism of colors has always been rooted in our traditions. Therefore, the choice of a floral hue is never random. Each shade, from deep red to bright yellow, has a very specific meaning. Moreover, before you plan to offer flowers, it would be wiser to better understand the allegorical field of all these colors to convey the most appropriate message.

What does the red flower mean?

The red flower embodies passionate love and passionate love. Traditionally, a bouquet of red roses is often offered to declare love to the loved one. This shade symbolizes deep feelings and desires. If your partner offers you red roses, it means that they are proving their love or letting you know that it is time to get more involved in the couple’s relationship.

What does the pink flower mean?

If pink flowers also embody a feeling of love, they mainly reflect the symbol of sweetness, beauty and femininity. But in the language of flowers, pink also means other emotions, such as appreciation or gratitude to someone. That is why, for example, it is customary to give pink flowers on Mother’s Day. It is a color that also indicates trust and loyalty. Usually, pink is also attributed to friendly and sincere relationships.

What does the blue flower mean?

The blue flower is a symbol of security, purity and loyalty. But its allegory is very diverse: so, it can represent serenity, appeasement, nostalgia or even a sense of peace. Today, this nuance in the language of flowers also translates the need for escape, for freedom, for travel, for the search for distant destinations.

What does the yellow flower mean?

When you offer a bouquet of yellow flowers, you are trying to convey good mood, joy and hope. Yellow is closely associated with optimism, moments of joy and carefree. Such a bouquet of flowers proves that the recipient has every reason to be happy: He is confident in the future that awaits him, and he feels the need to share this beautiful energy with those around him.

What does the purple flower mean?

Purple flowers are generally said to symbolize success and even royalty, although feelings of admiration, simplicity and tradition can also shine through this hue. But the purple flower is also full of mystery and spirituality. In fact, it is often the color chosen by therapists to treat emotional ailments. In another register, this hue can still signify modesty, discretion and shyness. If you anonymously receive a bouquet of purple flowers, tell yourself that it comes from a secret admirer who is thinking about you, or from a close friend who does not dare to reveal these true feelings to you.

What does the orange flower mean?

The orange flower is the color of pleasure, adventure and joie de vivre par excellence, and at the same time it bubbles with enthusiasm. The people who give you such a bouquet of flowers admire you and send you positive energy. But this shade also embodies comfort and sincerity. When you offer these flowers, you feel the desire to share joy and happiness.

What does the white flower mean?

White flowers are traditionally used in wedding ceremonies or memorial services and have meanings ranging from purity, innocence, compassion and respect. To pass on these messages, we recommend using orchids, daisies or carnations. When you give or receive white flowers, you are connecting souls. A bouquet of white flowers embodies openness, trust, empathy and loyalty. Peace, tranquility and appreciation are also expressions of this flawless hue.

Can we give red roses to everyone?

Since they are associated with love and passion, red roses are very popular among couples and lovers. Apart from this romantic area, they cannot be associated with friendly or family relationships. Inevitably, the message conveyed is not well understood, there is a risk of confusion or ambiguity. Therefore, red roses should always be given by the beloved person or by someone who wants to conquer your heart. Then the bouquet is kept in a pretty vase for as long as possible to admire it day after day.