How to figure out if you have been blocked on Whatsapp? There is a super simple trick to find out: let’s finally set the record straight!

To date, Whatsapp is one of the most widely used instant messaging applications in the world. It is easy to use and you can share with those on the other end not only text messages but also content such as images, videos, gifs and more.

This application is in fact able, every day, to connect millions nay billions of users who use the platform for free. Among other things, it has a really simple mode of use and it is easy to use at any time. Several updates have been made in recent times that have made the messaging app more and more accessible and user-friendly. While it is true that Whatsapp makes it possible to bring even long-distant people closer together, it must be said that it is also capable of driving away those close by. Several are in fact users who find themselves blocked by the other contact. This, however, is not something that can be easily inferred. so how to find out if we have been blocked on Whatsapp? There is a way to find out, here is what you need to know.

Have we been blocked on Whatsapp? Here’s how to figure it out

Finding out that you have been blocked on Whatsapp is certainly not a pleasant discovery. But alas, it does happen. However, we are not always able to realize it in real time. This is because there is no notification that the application sends the moment this happens, neither if we are the one blocking nor if others are blocking us. In fact, that of blocking a user on Whatsapp is a silent gesture. However, it is possible to be able to tell if someone has blocked us on Whatsapp. How to do it? The person concerned certainly does not care to let us know, and as we said on Whatsapp this is not notified. But there are signs that can let us know that our contact has blocked us.

Being blocked on Whatsapp can happen. It happens after a temper tantrum between partners, it happens between friends and when we no longer want to deal with that person. In fact, the first thing we do is then delete his or her number and make sure that he or she does not contact us again. Realizing that we have been blocked on our messaging platform is easy because there are obvious signs that allow us to see this.

  • Unless our contact had privacy settings for which the date and time of last access were made available, when we are blocked this information is withheld;
  • Another warning that tells us that our contact wanted to get rid of us by blocking us is not seeing his profile picture. When we are blocked on Whatsapp, the blocker’s profile picture is blacked out;
  • Finally, if we try to send a message to the contact who blocked us, we will notice that it will not show up as sent and will have only one tick.