The washing machine is one of the household appliances that have several washing cycles. If you decide to use the short, washing machines work differently with a completely different energy consumption. Some washing machine models have a short wash program, but few know its principle.

What does the short wash program mean?

While many use the short cycle because of time constraints, this program differs from others by factors beyond temperature. Many questions arise about washing efficiency.

  • The short cycle wash program is ideal for lightly soiled laundry

The short program is designed for washing lightly soiled clothes and laundry. Therefore, it is not recommended to use this mode for soiled clothes, which give off bad odors, as it is not effective enough. The short program is also ideal for those in a hurry, as it takes about 30 minutes, shortening the washing steps. It is recommended for musty smelling clothes and not for removing stains.

  • The short program of the washing machine would be energy intensive.

As you must have understood, the disadvantage of the short program is that it does not remove stubborn stains as effectively as the other programs. But what should also be noted is that if the latter is short, it does not mean that it consumes less energy. Worse, it is one of those that consume the most electricity. The reason? Its operating speed does not allow you to save energy. In this mode, the household appliance has to heat water quickly and consumes twice as much. One thing is for sure: to spend less, it is recommended to choose the Eco program.

What is the Eco program?

The washing machine qualified as ecological is useful to save energy. This seems paradoxical, since its operating time can be up to four hours, unlike the fast program. However, it is in fact more energy efficient and does not require as much electricity. The reason ? It projects high temperatures on textiles for a short time and the washing machine drum moves more slowly, so the water does not need to be reheated often. For this reason, it is better to use the Eco program if you want to save money on washing machine costs.

Which program to choose depending on the fabric?

For a perfect wash, it is recommended to choose the right water temperature. To do this, you need to take into account several parameters, such as the load of laundry or fabric quality. If the latter is sensitive, it is recommended to choose cold water. The same applies to laundry that tends to shrink and light colors that tend to fade. Cold water is also ideal to save money because you use less electricity to heat. Hot water is useful when clothes are dirty, but also for bedding or bath items. It is also perfect for cotton or to remove traces of grease or oil.

Choosing the right detergent is as important as choosing the program

You will have understood: The temperature of the water has a significant impact on your energy consumption. Detergent also affects your laundry. If you load your washing machine a lot, you need to choose the powder version . However, it does not dissolve well in cold water. To overcome this phenomenon, it is recommended to choose liquid detergent, which removes stains more effectively.

One thing is certain: The energy efficiency of the Eco program is much more interesting than a short program. The latter, on the contrary, is best suited for those who want to wash their clothes quickly.