If you put this in the washing machine to wash your clothes, you can definitely say goodbye to the iron. Here’s how to do it.

Ingredient in the washing machine

If you put it in the washing machine, your laundry will not even have wrinkles and you can definitely say goodbye to the iron. The latter is one of the most hated appliances ever and there are more and more people who would prefer never to use it, especially in summer. There are many things that cannot be ironed, but when it comes to clothes, the situation is different. Nevertheless, there is a solution that could really change your life. But what is it?

Washing machine

If you put it in the washing machine, your clothes will no longer have wrinkles. Washing machine doesn’t involve who knows what kind of work, but what comes after can be quite tiring. We are talking about the fact that the laundry must be ironed afterwards. Well, ironing in particular is one of those tasks that women or people in general hate. Because a lot of time is wasted behind the ironing board, which inevitably generates heat. Many people say that they are especially stressed when they spend several hours ironing.

It is certainly not one of the most popular household chores, as they are considered boring and stressful. Of course, the clothes that come out of the washing machine, especially clothes and everything related to the kitchen, must be ironed without fail.

Although various products available on the market, mostly based on chemical ingredients, can be used to prevent wrinkles in clothes, unfortunately, the result is poor. However, today we would like to give you a useful tip so that your clothes come out of the washing machine not only clean and fragrant, but also wrinkle-free. What does it mean?

Crease-free laundry in the washing machine

In short, there is the solution to say goodbye to the iron. Today we want to talk to you about a very special ingredient that apparently has a very specific function. This softens the clothes during the washing phase and ensures that they are perfect after leaving the washing machine.

In this case, they are smooth and wrinkle-free and do not require ironing. The solution is to start an ecological laundry, which not only protects the environment and nature, but also allows us to use less electricity and therefore save money.

Once started this type of washing, a fabric softener must be added to the detergent drawer , but not the one you buy in the supermarket, but a natural product that is present in each of our households. We are talking about white sugar, which not only sweetens our food, but also serves to make our clothes more beautiful and, above all, smoother and wrinkle-free.

Yes, you understood correctly, it is sugar, the ingredient that is used not only in cooking but also in the world of beauty. There are many women who have always used sugar grains as an exfoliant to remove blackheads, but also dead and dry skin.

In short, it seems that sugar has different uses and, above all, many qualities. Back to the clothes: We will tell you right away that sugar can be used for colored clothes as well as for dark and neutral ones. It should be placed directly in the fabric softener drawer, while the mild detergent must of course be placed in the detergent drawer. Once the washing process is started and finished, the clothes must be removed from the drum.

You will see that there will be no difference between before and after. Or rather, the clothes will be clean, fragrant and also quite soft. This way, you can finally say goodbye to the iron and devote your time to other things, perhaps to rest. Great news for all women who hate ironing.