You always want to have perfectly white and spotless laundry? All you have to do is use a specific ingredient when washing. Let’s find out together what we are referring to.

Washing different clothes, tablecloths, towels and many other items may seem like a simple and obvious process, but this is not the case at all. In fact, each garment requires the right methods to effectively remove stains, dirt and other impurities from the fabric.

In fact, there are more delicate laundry items that need to be dry cleaned, or machine washed, but only at low temperatures. Others, however, tolerate higher washing temperatures better. Depending on the items to be disinfected, different washing cycles will then have to be carried out.

It will be necessary to make the various distinctions based on color, material and various other aspects. We can therefore advise you to always put in the drum only pieces of laundry of the same type in each wash cycle. For example, towels should be washed only with other towels, tablecloths with other tablecloths and so on. However, regardless of all the talk, the goal of everyone will always be to get perfectly clean, soft and fragrant laundry after each wash. To do this, it is necessary to properly implement all the steps.

Choosing the right products when washing clothes is essential. In addition to the classic products, in this article we will help you discover a specific ingredient that will be of great help in removing the most stubborn stains. Here you will find everything you need to know about it.

Perfectly clean and fragrant laundry: let’s discover the ingredient for the washing machine

After putting the dishes in the basket, you must open the drawer of the machine and put the different detergents in the different compartments. It is important to choose a good detergent for washing clothes. It can be in powder or liquid form. Regardless, do not make mistakes with the quantities and always go for a reliable product.

Clean white laundry

To achieve an even better result, many people put additional fabric softener and bleach in the drawer. These products help to soften the fabric and more effectively remove the various stains present on it.

However, these products contain chemicals and in the long run can ruin the fabric of the various garments after many washes. They will also cause significant costs. If you want to avoid using chemical products and at the same time save a lot of money every month, know that there are some very interesting natural solutions.

In fact, bleach could damage more delicate fabrics like polyester or cotton blends. To avoid significant damage to your clothes, you can replace bleach with the product we’ll introduce in the next paragraph.

Are you ready to discover this incredible natural solution? Here is the “magic” ingredient that is added to the washing machine drawer along with the traditional detergent. Let’s find out what it is. The ingredient that you can put in the washing machine to always have white laundry.

Instead of bleach, you can also put white wine vinegar in the compartment of the washing machine. This ingredient was often used by our grandmothers in ancient times to effectively remove stains and perfume all the laundry.

White wine vinegar

White wine vinegar has incredible whitening properties and can effectively disinfect the fabrics of the various items in the drum, as it is endowed with highly antibacterial substances. However, this product must be used mainly on white and delicate garments.

In fact, it is ideal for cleaning these types of items. You just need to add about half a glass of white wine vinegar along with the normal liquid or powder detergent. Now start the washing program to enjoy perfectly white and fragrant laundry at the end.

In addition to the detergent and white wine vinegar, you can also add a few drops of lemon juice. This element also has whitening and disinfecting properties and gives a pleasant scent to all your laundry.