Nowadays, all households, or at least a large part of them, are equipped with household appliances of the latest generation. Gas ovens have gradually given way to electric ovens and revolutionary technology that can help the less skilled amateur cooks. But how did they fare before? Find out why the most experienced housewives pour a pinch of sugar in the oven before preparing a dish.

If you are a so-called cordon bleu, you certainly need to be able to identify the flavors and aromas of each dish, to know when a food is cooked or not, know if the oven is hot enough to put a dish in it 356°F, without needing an indication from your device itself. But for some, it is necessary to be guided by these tools. Not everyone is equipped with high-end kitchen appliances, so some tips might be useful.

Why the most experienced housewives pour a pinch of sugar in the oven before cooking.

In the kitchen, the oven is an indispensable tool for the preparation of many gourmet dishes, raisin or chocolate bread and vanilla, hazelnut, and apricot pastries. It is often recommended to preheat it to a certain temperature before putting your dish in the oven to ensure perfect cooking. But what can you do if your main tool, the oven, doesn’t let you know if it’s at the recommended temperature? A trick of grandmother and savvy housewife should be applied.

Before you put your carrot zucchini gratin, garnished with grated cheese, your roast prepared with love and care, it is important to preheat the oven to 356 °F. The temperature to which the oven preheats is important and should not be overlooked. But knowing that not all ovens are necessarily equipped with thermometers, there is a tip that can help you determine if it is ready for your dish. You just need to use sugar.

Before you put your dish in the oven, place a mold, baking sheet or casserole dish in the bottom of the oven and pour in the equivalent of a tablespoon of powdered or semolina sugar. If the latter melts and turns into caramel, it means that the oven temperature is perfect for baking the dish you have prepared. On the other hand, if the sugar still doesn’t start melting, it means that the temperature is too low and you need to wait or adjust it. The caramelization process of the sugar can only begin at 320°F.

Now that you know how to tell if the oven is preheated, it’s time to give you some practical tips for successfully baking a dish that will warm everyone’s hearts and delight their taste buds. Nothing beats a good baked chicken to treat yourself.

How to bake a chicken in the oven

  1. Nothing is better than a good marinade before you put your chicken in the oven.

To make your marinade, you need to add olive oil, aromatic herbs and spices of your choice. You will then need to coat the chicken with this marinade, cover it and let it sit for a few hours before cooking everything. Your meat will be tender, fragrant and incredibly delicious.

  1. Do not prick your chicken before you put it in the oven.

To make your dish juicy, moist and tender as desired, leave the chicken intact without piercing it and place it in the oven. If the meat juices were to come out, it could be dry. This will please the palate of your family and guests. And if a few splatters are to be expected, don’t forget that the most important thing is to have fun. Take care of your oven to prepare your best recipes and bring joy to those around you!