Many people spend a lot of time in the kitchen. Not only to prepare good dishes, but also to clean up, which often proves to be very tedious. Ideally, of course, we would like to spend as little time as possible on this, in order to enjoy more quality time with loved ones. That’s fine, we just have a few useful tips to share with you to give you a good breather!

Surely, we learn something every day when it comes to housework. In the end, it’s a kind of consolation: the more you work hard on home maintenance, the more you manage to discover some unsuspected tips and tricks. Be that as it may, we will always love the most ingenious methods to minimize tasks and efforts. To help you smile again, here are some clever tips that can be of great use not only when cleaning the kitchen, but also when preparing your next meal!

Paper towels in the fridge to make cleaning easier

Paper towels are especially useful for cleaning the plastic fruit and vegetable boxes at the bottom of the refrigerator, as well as the shelves of the refrigerator door.

Their special feature: they catch the pieces falling from the vegetables and absorb the excess moisture that condenses in the refrigerator. If you store food in jars, sticky rings may remain on the shelves. Line those jars with paper. This may look unsightly, but it will save you a lot of work the next time you clean up. Another tip: wrap the shelves in the refrigerator with plastic wrap. Remove the shelves, wash them thoroughly and dry them. Then wrap them in plastic wrap. The next time you clean them, it is enough to replace the cling film.

Some tips for cooking and preparing pastries

  • If you added a lot of salt to the soup, don’t despair, you don’t have to start from scratch. Just add two egg whites to your too salty soup, the taste will be balanced again. In fact, they absorb much of the salt. If the eggs do not fit into the soup, you can simply spoon out the egg whites.
  • If you cannot remove a baked dessert, such as a cake, from the mold, you need to cool the surface of the mold. To do this, soak a piece of paper in cold water and place it on the mold.
  • How to peel garlic easier without much effort? Simply cut off the hard part and crush the garlic with the flat side of the knife. The skin will peel off on its own.
  • How quickly peel potatoes? Once the potatoes are cooked in their skins, drain them with paper and immediately throw them into a bowl of cold water. Thanks to this trick, the skin of the potatoes will come off easily.
  • Place a piece of paper under your cutting board to keep it from slipping when cutting vegetables or meat.
  • Use the oven to cook several eggs at the same time. Forget the classic recipe for hard-boiled eggs: put them in the oven at 302 °F for 30 minutes. You can cook dozens of eggs at once!

A knife with a hot blade for cutting onions

How to cut onions more efficiently? There are many tips for cutting an onion. One of them, probably the most commonly used, is to rinse the knife and onion with water or cut directly with a hot knife. If you want to get rid of the onion smell that stays on your fingers, rub your hands with a slice of raw potato and then rinse them with cold water.

More tips:

  • Finely grate nutmeg

Do you have leftover nutmeg that’s too small to grate? Use your pepper grinder after grinding a portion of raw rice in it to give it a good cleaning.

  • Hardened sugar caught up

Large hard blocks formed in your brown sugar? Put it in a zippered food bag with 1 apple slice. Keep it in a dry place for 2 days and your sugar will regain its fluidity.

  • Rice reheated to the top

Your microwaved portion of rice will retain its full fluffiness if you place 1 ice cube on top before starting the timer. Remember to check that the rice is hot enough before serving!