For many travelers, so-called “luggage wrapping” at the airport is part of their vacation. We explain why more and more people protect their suitcases by wrapping them in cling film. Who knows, maybe the luggage wrap is also suitable for your next flight.

Suitcase wrap: Why use it at all?

There are many individual reasons for the so-called “luggage wrapping”. (“Wrapping” can be translated as “packing”.) In general, the luggage film should protect your own luggage. From what dangers you can protect the suitcase, we now clarify.

  1. Dirt and scratches

Most travelers want to protect their luggage from external influences. According to the operating company of Frankfurt Airport, Fraport, the film protects against “dirt, scratches, cracking during transport and access by unauthorized persons”.

  1. Smugglers

The US Foreign Office also warns against access by unauthorized persons. This is because drug traffickers regularly use the luggage of uninvolved travelers to smuggle drugs. For example, on the website of the office, which provides information about traveling to Colombia, the following warning is given: “Travelers are abused as ‘drug smugglers’ against their will and in ignorance”. However, if the luggage is wrapped in foil, you can immediately see if someone has tampered with it.

  1. Additional costs

Another point is to avoid additional costs for excess baggage. This is because two pieces of luggage can be joined together with the film, according to a spokeswoman for Düsseldorf Airport. Strollers and bulky luggage can be additionally secured with the film.

How useful is “luggage wrapping”?

Meanwhile, the service of “luggage wrapping” is offered at many airports. It costs between 10 and 20 dollars, depending on the size of the luggage. Everyone must decide for themselves how sensible it is to wrap their own suitcase. However, the method also meets with criticism. After all, the film causes a lot of waste. Hanover Airport also points out that tightly wrapped suitcases cannot be screened as well at security checks. Likewise, the film could hinder transport on airport conveyor belts.

The mystery of luggage wrap is solved. Do you find the reasons understandable or are you perhaps one of the people who additionally protect their luggage in this way?