No need to beat around the bush: Toilets smell bad! Even if you spray this fragrance spray ten times in a row, the unpleasant odors reappear after some time. They persist even more if the room is windowless and poorly ventilated. In truth, there is no secret there, because this piece is constantly in demand. Yes, but that is precisely why you have to fight to ensure that it always smells good and hygiene is impeccable! So how can we put an end to these repulsive emanations? You are in the right place. We have very effective and affordable solutions to eliminate these odors in a natural and permanent way. Interested?

Why does my toilet smell bad? What are the causes?

Aside from the smell that comes from our “natural needs” that we all already know, most unpleasant smells come from the deposits and limescale that form those ugly yellowish stains in the bowl. You know, the ones that you keep rubbing against but won’t quite go away! It can also come from the toilet drain clogging up the entire bathroom. In fact, it is important to know exactly where these unpleasant odors come from, in order to fight them directly at the source. Because, in particular, if it is a real blockage that is difficult to fix, the immediate intervention of a plumber may be necessary. Often, the odor can also be due to a blockage caused by hair or detergent residue stuck in it. This is usually less serious and can be easily remedied. In rarer cases, when toilets are not used often and are therefore inadequately disinfected, there is a high probability that germs and bacteria originating from the sewer will multiply and infest the entire area. The disadvantage of this is that the products sold on the market are not always really effective. That is why our natural remedies are timely!

How to get those strong (and sewage) odors out of the toilet?

Sometimes life is complicated, but with a few simple tips you can quickly get rid of bad odors from your toilet. Of course, you still have to know them! Among the most promising natural ingredients are, of course, baking soda and white vinegar, the two favorite products of our grandmothers. And this is no coincidence, because they will help you disinfect the rooms well, but also restore the protective patina of the toilets, driving away all the bad odors that bother you. The combination of both is even more effective: prepare a mixture of half a glass of vinegar and three teaspoons of baking soda. In the mood for a little fragrance? Add a few drops of your favorite essential oil. Pour this mixture into a container with an atomizer and spray the entire toilet area. Leave it on for at least half an hour and then scrub thoroughly with a toilet brush. Your toilet bowl has never been so clean and shiny. And did you notice? The foul odors are no longer there. But it’s not just these cleaning products that will put a smile on your face!

  • Brewer’s yeast against stubborn odors

Cleaning enthusiasts also recommend using a cube of brewer’s yeast. But why? Have you ever heard of this deodorizing solution? In addition to its use in the kitchen or in cosmetics, brewer’s yeast also proves to be an ideal means of cleaning toilets, moreover, without preservatives or corrosive elements. Oops, in the evening simply dissolve a small cube in a glass of boiling water. Once you get a loose consistency, pour it directly into the toilet bowl. Forget about it all night (at least 8 hours) and just flush the toilet the next day. Result? Absolute cleanliness.


Note: If you don’t have a cube, a packet of brewer’s yeast will of course have exactly the same effect. All you have to do is empty it into the bowl and add a small spoonful of sugar. Let it soak overnight and flush the toilet the next morning.

  • No more urine smell thanks to baking soda!

As mentioned above, baking soda is a real asset for cleaning and disinfecting your toilets. This is thanks to its high stain-removing, whitening and deodorizing potential. Since it is very versatile, it effortlessly fights all kinds of dirt. Moreover, it is the arch enemy of tartar and limestone. Believe us, the unsightly yellow stains are quickly eliminated! But in this case, it’s mainly the nasty smells that get to you, isn’t it? That’s why we offer you a nice little trick: pour baking soda into a small jar, add your favorite bath salts and sprinkle it with dried flowers. We bet you already love this perfume! Wrap this mixture in a decorative fabric sealed with a pretty ribbon and place it near the toilet.

  • Genius tip: light a match

This option, which is certainly overlooked, won’t help you get rid of dirt, but it will banish stubborn odors to a large extent. Carefully toss a lit match into your toilet bowl. Caution: we insist, make sure no chemical product has been poured into the toilet beforehand, or you could be in danger. This could lead to an explosion and severe burns! So, if all goes well, the advantage of this solution is that the sulfur coming out of the match will drive away musty and urine smells in record time. If you don’t particularly like the idea, just use the match like incense. Light it, blow on it and spread the smoke all over the bathroom.

How do you make your toilet smell good?

Well, now that your toilets are perfectly clean and deodorized, a touch of fragrant freshness would be welcome. Do we agree? Don’t rely on commercial products that only mask odors. Instead, opt for scented oils that last. As a bonus, some not only absorb bad odors, but they also disinfect your toilet. Without forgetting their virtues of purifying the air and improving your well-being. It’s all very nice to hear, but right now you don’t have it at home. How to replace it? There is actually a little trick that you can take advantage of: Dried flowers or aromatic herbs will freshen up the room in a matter of minutes. Place a small basket of dried flowers in a corner of the bathroom. It will even be a nice decoration, or just put some herbs on the windowsill. Good choices are lavender, mint, chamomile or rosemary. Let’s go, the room will be delicately scented!