Like any electronic device, the smartphone generates heat during operation. But if some devices have a fan like computers to cool their components, your phone doesn’t benefit from this feature. So why does it overheat when you charge it? Let’s find out the reasons and solutions to prevent this phenomenon. If you notice that your phone heats up abnormally, especially during charging, you need to take some steps to cool it down and focus on the cause of this problem.

Why does your smartphone overheat while charging?

The reasons why your phone overheats during charging could be due to using poor quality cables and chargers.  You may also be running apps while your smartphone is charging, which leads to increased power consumption. Constant use of the phone can also be the cause of overheating. Therefore, avoid using your device while it is charging. What could also increase the temperature of your smartphone while charging is where you place it.  This phenomenon will be amplified if you place it in an area without ventilation, like the bed or the sofa.

How to solve the overheating problem when charging the phone?

  • Update your smartphone

As harmless as it may seem, you can cool your device by ventilating it as if you were cooling down in the heat with a fan.

  • Avoid sudden temperature changes

Contrary to what some people may think, it is a very bad idea to put an overheated smartphone in the fridge or freezer. Exposing the device to a sudden temperature change can affect its components and damage it.

  • Remove the smartphone case

Phones need to dissipate heat and leave them in their case, they will not be of any use. Although this accessory is often recommended, in this case it can store the heat emitted by the phone. So, remember to remove the case so that the phone can cool down faster.

  • Disable the Bluetooth function of your smartphone

Another reason for the phone overheating is when the Bluetooth function is turned on but not used. When your phone is not connected to another device, Bluetooth continues to search for a signal to connect with, which can cause your device to heat up even more.

  • Activate airplane mode

This feature allows us to charge our smartphones faster. Also note that this can also be useful if your phone has a weak or non-existent network signal. In this situation, the device consumes a lot of energy searching for a network signal to connect to, which can cause the smartphone to overheat. To avoid this, remember to use your smartphone’s airplane mode until you reach an area where the signal is stronger.

  • Disconnect your phone from other electronic devices

Do not gather all your devices in one place, as this increases the risk of overheating. So don’t put a phone that is charging on top of a computer or tablet that is charging or running .

These tips should save you from having a phone that overheats especially when charging. However, if you think that the problem is becoming too worrisome, do not hesitate to call in the expertise of qualified technicians to ensure that it is not a serious malfunction.