Besides their usual function, corks can be used as fire starters, decorative objects or place cards. In addition, you can use them as coasters under the legs of your furniture to avoid scratches on the floor or to keep your fruits longer. But did you know that you can use them in your car to fix a common problem? Learn now why it’s advisable to put corks in your car!

Why you need to put corks in your car?

Thanks to the absorbent properties of cork, you can use the plugs not only to eliminate bad odors, but also perfume your car. Follow the instructions to find out how!

Cut your caps in half. Add essential oil of your choice to both ends and place them in the passenger compartment of your car, for example in the cup holder. A pleasant smell will spread as you drive! Replace the corks every 2-3 days for more efficiency. This trick is natural and ecological unlike traditional air fresheners that contain toxic chemical components and sources of health problems.

More tips to perfume your car :

Restoring the freshness of your car is not an easy task, especially with the smells of leftover food or even pets. What to do to get rid of these bad smells?

Coffee beans:

Do you like the smell of coffee? It’s very simple, you can keep it on during your travels. Fill a sock with coffee beans or ground coffee. Then tie the sock and put it in the ashtray or in different hiding places in the car.

Essential oil + cotton balls:

To eliminate bad odors, pour a few drops of essential oil of your choice onto cotton balls. Then place them in your car’s vents for better diffusion!

Essential oil + baking soda:

This trick will make your car smell good! Fill a small canning jar halfway with baking soda and place it in your car’s cup holder. Then pour 20 drops of essential oil. Cover the jar with a piece of breathable fabric or tulle.

Rice + essential oil:

You can add a few drops of essential oil to the rice and put the mixture in an open jar that you put in the cup holder. To freshen the air in your car at will, shake the container. We hope that these tips will help you to perfume your car naturally!