Does the oven smoke when you turn it on? The reasons can be linked to various causes. Here you can find all the details.

There are many people who every day turn on the oven in the kitchen to prepare various dishes and bring them to the table. In this convenient and practical device, it is possible to arrange everything so that you can “unleash” your skills in the kitchen.

On the market there are ovens in many designs and with different performance characteristics. In fact, there are static and ventilated ovens that allow you to prepare food in different ways. The latest generation ovens have both cooking modes.

When choosing an oven, the performance values of the individual device to be purchased play a decisive role. The aspect of being able to select different temperatures depending on the food being cooked is very important. In fact, some products require higher temperatures when cooking, while others require a few degrees less.

Also very important is the ability to set cooking times and various functions, such as grill mode or preheating. A high-quality oven offers the user a wide range of options for cooking various foods.

However, in this article, we do not want to go into the specific qualities and features of the different ovens on the market. Instead, we want to understand why ovens can sometimes produce unpleasant smoke when cooking. Let’s find out all the details about this issue and the solutions to curb this problem.

Does the oven smoke? Here you will learn what to do in these cases

When you notice smoke coming out of the oven, the first thing that comes to mind is a mistake in cooking times and methods. In fact, it can happen to anyone that a mistake happens while cooking and food burns. In this case, you will notice smoke coming out of the oven. We advise you to turn off the oven and open the windows of the house.

However, the problem of smoke emission during cooking is not always due to our fault. In some cases, you may actually prepare food without any error, but still notice smoke. What could be the reasons?

At more or less regular intervals, the inside of the oven – with the right products – is cleaned to the smallest detail. In fact, food residues, dirt and grease can accumulate on the walls of the oven. These food residues tend to burn when the oven is used later, causing this problem of smoke leakage.

After cleaning, the oven should be dried as best as possible to remove any soap or detergent residue. In fact, even these elements, if not removed, can cause problems with smoke leakage during subsequent cooking. Let’s find out what other reasons (and remedies) may be present for this problem with your kitchen oven. Here you will find everything you need to know.

How to solve the problem

It may seem strange, but even a newly purchased oven can develop smoke during the first few uses. The presence of glue or similar elements could actually cause burns and emit unpleasant smoke from inside. We recommend that you leave the oven on for more than 60 minutes the first time you use it and open all windows in the house. For later uses, you won’t have to worry about it!

Smoke from the oven

We have seen some completely solvable causes of smoke coming out of the furnace. However, the causes of this problem could be more serious and could be due to actual malfunctions of the unit. There could be electrical problems or there could be a faulty gasket.

In such cases, the only possible solution is to immediately turn off the oven, open the windows and unplug the sockets. Only the intervention of a specialized technician can solve the problem and give new life to your oven in the kitchen. Never use the appliance until a solution to the problem is found.