Throwing a match into the bathroom may seem like overkill, but this way you solve a very common problem. Here’s what it will help you with and how to do it. The bathroom is definitely one of those    rooms that you pay a lot of attention to. Germs and bacteria are always present, supported by many factors, including, for example, the humidity in the room. But not only because soap residues, hair or other dirt can also contribute.

Bad smell in the bathroom: how does it work?

The main problem with the bathroom is the bad smell. It is often very strong, and it is really difficult to get rid of it. Bad odors in the bathroom, as I said, can have several causes and often come from the pipes. Many resort to chemicals that can be found on the market , but it is not always a good idea.

In fact, these products should be avoided completely to think of using natural products. Many household problems can be solved with natural products, and you should try that. For example, there are several methods to remove bad odors.

Among them is certainly sodium bicarbonate, which is perfect because it absorbs bad odors and at the same time cleans and removes lime. But it is not the only one, because lemon or salt are also very effective. These also tend to absorb bad odors. But in emergencies, you usually save a simple match.

Light a match in the bathroom: This is the solution

This last solution that we have proposed to you, that of the match, will seem really strange and unusual. Last minute guests and little time to fix the house completely, and the bathroom smells really bad. No problem, take a match and completely solve the problem of bad smells in the bathroom.

Often matches are used to light candles and cigarettes, and even though they are much more common today, lighters are never missing in the house for emergencies. Therefore, you can say goodbye to industrial deodorants, because a simple match works just like this.

You may wonder how it works, but in fact it takes very little. In fact, it is enough to take your match and let it burn in the bathroom for a few seconds with great care. The smoke coming out of the match will cover the bad odors, which will then be masked.

The match is effective because it releases the smell of sulfur that covers the bad odors that come especially from the toilet. Remember not to throw the match you just used into the toilet as you will only create an additional problem as the toilet is probably already clogged. Throw it in the trash and remember to wet it first.

This is certainly an effective but not definitive method. In fact, it temporarily eliminates bad odors that will soon return to your bathroom. If they persist, you will have to find an alternative and remedies that will help you solve this annoying problem permanently.