If you want to clean your toilet, you don’t necessarily have to resort to chemicals. A typical household remedy is already sufficient for this.

Cleaning the toilet is one of the most annoying household chores for many consumers. With the help of tea bags, however, this can be done quickly and easily, because the household remedy can work wonders overnight. All consumers have to do is apply a few tricks.

Cleaning toilet with typical home remedy: tea bag works wonders

To clean the toilet, consumers need three tea bags. Herbal tea is said to be particularly suitable for this lifehack. However, other varieties of the home remedy can also be used should consumers not have this variety up their sleeve.

The three selected tea bags only need to be placed in the toilet for cleaning. This is best done in the evening, as the home remedy is supposed to work overnight in the toilet. The ingredients of the tea should ultimately ensure a clean toilet.

However, the bags must be removed from the water before flushing. Additionally, the toilet can be scrubbed with a toilet brush before flushing. However, the most stubborn stains can be removed with another tea bag trick.

Cleaning the toilet with home remedies: tea bags as a miracle weapon against stubborn stains

Because if not only the bottom of the toilet is contaminated, but also the inside, consumers can again resort to the home remedy. The tea bag is then rubbed over the soiled areas. The texture is said to be particularly suitable for this cleaning. But tea bags are also a real miracle weapon when it comes to washing up. Tea lovers, however, do not necessarily have to reach for fresh bags to clean the toilet. Often, it is already enough to use used tea bags. This allows consumers to reuse their bags after drinking tea.