Once again, a curious “household trick” has been circulating through the social media, which – let us reveal this much – is dividing opinion. Here’s why some people put a roll of toilet paper in their fridge. A roll of toilet paper in the fridge is supposed to prevent moisture and unpleasant odors. After all, bad odors can quickly arise in the refrigerator, for example, a very aromatic cheese or too much moisture. The toilet paper trick works as follows:

Toilet paper in the refrigerator against bad odors?

Simply place a fresh roll of toilet paper in a free space in the refrigerator. The paper should now absorb the bad smells and the moisture in the refrigerator. After about one or two weeks, remove the old roll and replace it with a new one.

Logically, after that you can no longer use the toilet paper for its original purpose and have to dispose of it, as it is already damp. Critics justifiably note that this household trick resembles a downright waste of toilet paper. And what’s the point of it all, really?

Why the toilet paper should better remain in the bathroom

Many people have already tried this household trick and came to a rather sobering conclusion: after a week, the roll merely smelled like “refrigerator” and was heavily soaked. Moreover, no one could detect a remarkable difference in terms of foul odors or moisture.

In the case of the viral household trick, there is even a completely different problem. A TikTok user who touted the life hack recommends only replacing the toilet paper roll every three to four weeks. However, if the roll is already heavily soaked after one week, mold could form in the refrigerator in the weeks that follow. This must be avoided at all costs!

Our conclusion is therefore: It is better to do without this curious Internet life hack! Because toilet paper has virtually no use in the refrigerator. Moreover, the trick simply leads to a high waste of toilet paper. Rather, make sure to keep your refrigerator clean and store your food properly. Then bad odors and moisture have no chance!