There is a special function on the windows that allows air to enter and circulate without cooling the rooms. Few people know about it, that’s what it is. Among the main problems that can be encountered in the home is the humidity . As everyone knows, it is important to properly heat your home in winter. Nevertheless, it is a good habit to keep the environment clean and well ventilated to avoid unpleasant inconveniences such as condensation or even mold. How to avoid all this? There is a very simple trick that few know, and it is located directly in the windows.

How to avoid humidity without opening the windows wide.

With winter, many of us hesitate to open the windows for long periods of time. Good air exchange, on the other hand, is essential not only to eliminate germs, bacteria and bad odors and change the air itself, but also to maintain adequate ventilation inside the house .

Many people open the window for about an hour in the morning, the time to do household chores, and then close it, turn on the heat and open it again directly the next day. During the day, windows are actually often closed to allow the house to warm up sufficiently. However, if there is not proper air circulation, the oxygen level in the air can decrease. This can lead to fatigue, the first alarm bell that should make us understand that an air change is necessary, but above all it increases humidity. All this can promote rapid growth of viruses and bacteria in the environment. All this, of course, directly affects our health, as mold can easily form, which is not only unhealthy, but also difficult to eliminate permanently.

Moisture and mold generally occur in places where there is less air exchange. Traces of it are often found in the kitchen or bathroom, on the walls and ceiling, but it is not uncommon to find it under the floor, on wallpaper and on the windows themselves. Less often, but it can happen that mold infests closets or furniture, especially if not completely dry fabrics or utensils are stored. If you live in a very humid area, you will certainly need to use special humidifiers, but let’s see how we can prevent this and make sure we get rid of the moisture permanently.

How to open windows just enough

Perhaps not everyone knows that good air circulation is good for the health of people and the environment and prevents the formation of moisture in the house. For this very reason, during the day, even several times a day, excellent air exchange is essential.

In most cases, it is not even necessary to open the windows wide, because the most modern fixtures provide a function that is known only to a few, but which guarantees proper air exchange without freezing the rooms.

To enable this air exchange, simply turn the handle as if you wanted to open the window, but at the same time hold it with your hand to prevent it from opening. Then you need to turn the handle by half an angle.

In this way, the window remains blocked attached to the frame, but remains slightly ajar. This small air passage allows an excellent change of ventilation but prevents the cooling of the rooms and the penetration of cold drafts. A great way to circulate the air as much as possible without perceiving the cold coming from the outside.