In addition to being one of the most consumed foods in the world, rice is also a great resource for the home! Japanese tradition teaches us that it is a great ally for skin care and in fact is part of their daily skin care. However, this is not the only use for it; in fact, rice can help solve some of the little problems that are often found in the home. Today I am going to tell you about some of the most popular uses with rice, all it takes is one cup!

Goodbye humidity

Moisture is a very common and frequent problem, particularly in the colder months of the year. If you don’t own specific appliances in order to reduce its rate, you need to take action naturally. And that’s where rice comes in because it has the ability to naturally drain moisture, in fact it’s also the first trick you use when wetting electronic appliances. All you will need to do is fill a bag or bowl with rice and place it in a corner of the room from which you want to draw moisture out.

For bad odors

Not only moisture, rice also quickly and effectively captures bad odors in the house! In this case, it reminds us a lot of baking soda since it is an odorless method that nevertheless turns out to be one of the best choices. All you need to do is put a bowl full of rice in the areas to be treated, think, for example, of the kitchen or bathroom. If you want to add a nice smell as well, pour a few drops of essential oil into the bowl and stir. The rice will help spread the scent.

In the bathroom

Now let’s move on to the bathroom, where rice is the ideal solution to send away all the stench that often accumulates there. Whether it’s sewer stench, dampness, or closed-in, this great ingredient manages to catch them in no time and at no cost! You can use many different methods such as making bags and hanging them in some area of the bathroom, or putting small bowls with rice on some shelves. Mix the rice with a few drops of essential oil if you prefer to spread a nice smell as well!

For silver

It may sound bizarre, but instead rice is a great Grandma’s trick for cleaning silver! When cooking rice, do not throw away the cooking water as it contains a lot of starch, which is ideal for reviving silver and making it look new. Soak the items to be treated in the water, leave them like this for 4-5 minutes, then go to rinse them and dry them with a wool cloth. You will see that they will look perfect!

To clean bottles

The last trick we see with rice at home is to clean bottles! So many times we would like to keep very beautiful and special wine or oil bottles, but removing all the product residue is a real chore. If you want a quick and effective method all you have to do is put a handful of rice in the bottle, add 1 tablespoon of soap flakes and add hot water. At this point shake it over and over again, then empty it out and see that it will be as good as new!


Before proceeding with the remedies described, we always recommend trying on unseen corners.