If you want to keep moles out of your garden, you can use this home remedy that works very well. Here’s what you need to do to remove them immediately.

Detecting moles is easy. If you notice holes in your garden with raised soil all around, it is most likely a mole, or more than one. This one has chosen your garden as its home and the land as its hunting ground. Even if it is not a harmful animal to plants and vegetables, it is best to remove it.

If you don’t want to find your garden completely ruined, it’s best to act as soon as possible. The mole is a skilled digger and can dig real tunnels in the ground. It does not eat plants or vegetables, but attacks insects. For this very reason, it could be excellent, but not quite.

In fact, although they are good for insects and for digging activity that helps aerate the soil, they must be removed. The reason is that their tunnels can damage both the roots and the lawn. Therefore, we have a home remedy to remove moles from your garden. Below, in the next paragraph, you will find all the details.

How to keep moles out of your garden

As we said, we want to show you how to remove moles from your garden without destroying them. In fact, they are protected animals, and you must not harm them physically in any case. Moles are carnivores and feed on earthworms and insects. They are listed in the Red List of endangered vertebrate species.

To eliminate them before they damage lawns and vegetable gardens by digging them up. To make this home remedy, you need to take a plastic bottle and take a picture of the ground. You can do this with a drill or even a simple heated screwdriver. In this place, mark three windows, which you will then need to cut out.

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Using the marker, draw 3 windows almost the entire length of the bottle and about 7 inches wide. Then continue by cutting only three sides. To make the opening work like a window, one of the long sides does not need to be trimmed. Open the window with the overhang facing out.

It’s quite easy and only takes a few minutes. Now take a stick about 1 yard long and put it through the hole you made at the beginning. Attach this bottle with the stick near every hole you find in your garden, or about every 10 yards.

Since moles are sensitive to even the smallest vibrations, they are afraid. Placing the stick on the ground and moving the bottle through the wind will create vibrations that will frighten the moles and move away.

Other methods to repel these animals

This is one of the methods you can try. Alternatively, there is another that may seem strange to you, but also works. The smell of dogs and cats is not acceptable to moles. All you need to do is collect the feces of these animals and sprinkle it on the moles.

It can also help if dog fur balls are pressed into the ground. If the mole perceives this smell and then also feels the vibrations of the method described above, it will almost certainly leave your garden.