For lush flowers you do not need artificial fertilizer, if you know how to make a natural fertilizer easily, quickly and inexpensively. Anyone who has a garden wants to see it colorful, lush and full of flowers. However, the best solution to maintain beautiful and healthy plants are not necessarily industrial and chemical fertilizers, on the contrary. Although they can be effective for plant growth, these products often have negative effects on the environment and our health. However, to grow up to twice as many flowers in your garden, you need a natural organic fertilizer. To make it, you just need a little uncooked white rice. Let’s see how it goes.

White rice – a powerful fertilizer

White rice is not only a nutritious food, but can also be used as a natural fertilizer for plants with excellent results. This food is indeed rich in starch, carbohydrates and B vitamins that make it a source of nutrients for plants. But that’s not all: it contains minerals such as nitrogen, phosphorus, magnesium and potassium, substances that are ideal to promote the growth and flowering of plants.

Organic fertilizer with white rice: how to do it

The preparation of the natural fertilizer based on raw white rice is really very simple. As for the rice to use, we can simply use the ordinary white rice that we have at home. However, it is recommended to use untreated white rice if possible, that is, without the addition of additives and preservatives .

To make our fertilizer we need ¼ lb. of white rice. Once obtained, we must soak it in water. To do this, we pour the rice in a jug or other container and add 1 quart of water. Mix carefully and let it rest for about 24 hours. This allows the rice to release all its nutrients to the water, which in turn passes them to the plants.

After 24 hours the rice should be soft. We mix one last time and then filter everything through a sieve. Even if we use the liquid obtained mainly as fertilizer, this does not mean that the rice remaining in the sieve is useless, on the contrary. In fact, we can use it as a natural organic fertilizer, applying it to the soil where our plants are, to create a nutritious substrate that will make them grow healthier and stronger. In addition, the addition of the solid part of the rice enhances the beneficial effect of the natural liquid fertilizer that we will apply later.

After this short clip, the liquid part of our natural fertilizer is ready for use: however, before using it is recommended to dilute it with water, referring to the proportion of about 1 cup of fertilizer to 10 quarts of water. After dilution, we can apply the fertilizer on the soil around the plants or on the leaves according to the needs of each plant.

It is recommended to use this natural fertilizer based on white rice every two weeks to maintain strong plants and lush flowers. Remember that the key to good results is the consistent application of fertilizer. So do not forget to use it regularly to get the most benefit for your plants.