Orchid is a beautiful plant that cannot always be treated well. Let’s see what ingredient can revive it. A secret ingredient available in all kitchens can revive the orchid even if it seems to die.

Orchid, a tropical plant in the house

The orchid is a beautiful tropical plant that is not always easy to care for in your own home. In fact, even if various precautions are observed, the orchid may stop blooming after the flowering period is over. As a result, interest in the plant is lost and you begin to neglect it. This is not the case. It should be given special care when it is not bearing flowers to guarantee new flowering for years to come. Instead of buying certain garden products that often promise amazing results but fail to deliver on their promises, natural tricks can be used for this purpose. Below we reveal a secret ingredient that you can use to treat your orchid and ensure lush flowers for a long time.

The secret ingredient

If the roots of your orchid begin to rot after flowering, there is a way to restore and revive them. The secret ingredient can be found in all kitchens: It is the onion.

In fact, the rotten orchid may contain many bacteria and fungi. When this occurs, it is necessary to isolate the rotten orchid from the healthy ones to avoid contamination. Then remove the dry leaves and also the vase. Also proceed to break up the clump of soil where the orchid has taken root and isolate the roots. Use scissors to cut off any ends that look rotten.

At this point, carefully wash the roots in a bowl. Now it’s time to use the onion, which must be cut into wedges. You also need to remove the peel. The onion must be chopped and isolated in a glass container, to which you add water. Filter the water into a carafe after a few hours. Put the orchid roots inside a new vase and pour the onion infusion over them.

The remaining water can be used to water the bloomed orchids every two weeks. In addition, you can also use this water to clean and polish the orchid’s new-born leaves with a cotton ball, both on the top and bottom. This will prevent the leaves from being attacked by insects. Indeed, the onion has an antiparasitic and antifungal effect. It also helps regulate growth and propagate roots.

Once the once lazy orchid recovers after being placed in onion water, it can be transferred to a new pot with suitable soil for the plant to take root and multiply. You will never leave this method, try to believe it.