If you use this method, you will never have to dry dishes in the dishwasher again. If you want to know it, you only need to read on: Few know him.

The dishwasher is one of the most popular household appliances among women. What woman would not like to have it at home and help her wash the dishes? Everyone, not just women. However, it was invented by a woman, Josephine Cochrane, who patented the first dishwasher in 1886. Over time, great advances have been made and today’s modern dishwashers with a high energy rating consume even less. However, we are here to give you some advice to stop drying dishes in the dishwasher. That’s why we want to talk to you about drying, because the dishes are not always completely dry at the end of the program.

There is actually a very specific reason, but most likely it escapes you and for this reason we are here to tell you how not to dry the dishes and utensils after the dishwasher is finished and you need to put everything in its place. Not many people know this method, but we will show it to you in a moment. You just have to continue reading in the next paragraph.

With this method you will no longer dry the dishes in the dishwasher

As we have already said, there is an exact reason why water drops remain on dishes and utensils after the washing cycle. These occur because the door is opened at the end of the washing and drying cycle. However, it does not take into account that water vapor is formed during the drying cycle. As soon as the door is opened, the water vapor tends to evaporate very quickly. The result is the formation of many small water droplets on the dishes. These force us to wipe all the dishes and utensils inside with a cloth. But how to avoid this?

There is a simple trick that not everyone knows. All you need is a cloth; get it and you solved it. All you have to do is put it in the door as soon as it opens. This will suck all the water vapor and there will be no water droplets. But remember to use a cloth only for this purpose. In fact, it must be absolutely clean, otherwise bad odors could be transmitted. Then there are a number of tricks to consider having dishes and cutlery without traces after washing. We will look at some of them below.

It is important not to fill the dishwasher beyond the maximum capacity. In fact, if you jam plates, pots, glasses and other things, air and water do not circulate well, and you do not have optimal rinsing. Then it is important to always open the door to release water vapor and avoid bad odors.

Another important aspect is emptying the dishwasher. In fact, usually the top shelf is the one on which more condensation forms and the one on which most excess water remains. Therefore, it is better to start emptying the dishwasher at the bottom to prevent water drops from falling from the top shelves.