The art of living begins with a comfortable and clean home. However, this is not always easy, as everyday activities create foul odors. As you know, there are air fresheners everywhere to perfume your home, but natural tips offer more ecological and pleasant solutions with ingredients at your disposal.

Why does my house smell bad?

Regardless of whether one or more people live in the house, the house ends up soaking up all the odors created by daily activities. Roasting, grilling, fish… cooking odors permeate not only the kitchen, but all the rooms in the house. In addition, kitchen waste clogs the sewage pipe with food and liquid residues, so that the water stagnates and even stinks. The bathroom doesn’t get a raw deal either. Shower, bathtub, sink, toilet … Due to a clogged siphon or a siphon that no longer performs its function, you may be disturbed by the smell of sewage. In addition, there is the smell of stale tobacco if you smoke in your home. This persists and can be repulsive, you have been warned. Now that the causes of persistent odors have been identified, how about discovering a miraculous component that can transform your home’s smell into a botanical garden? We are talking about cloves.

How to remove bad odors in a house with cloves?

Are you one of those people who use a lot of chemicals to get rid of annoying odors from the house? It does not matter, it will be a long story, because you will now appreciate this natural solution. In fact, going back to nature is always a good idea. It is economical, environmentally friendly and has no harmful effects.  It gently and safely combats the problem at the source and guarantees you a pleasant and fresh air.

However, for our trick we only need an orange and a few cloves, which can cover the surface of the orange. It’s very simple, a piece of cake: put the cloves in an orange and be surprised by this combination of flavors! The spicy smell of nails mixed with the spicy scent of orange will take you to the world of scents and senses. The pretty orange decorated with cloves reminds you of the end of year celebrations. You will have fun drawing the desired symbols and shapes with the carnations on your oranges. Decor and fragrance guaranteed!

  • Cloves: absorb odors and repel mosquitoes

If cloves perfume, they are also enemies of mosquitoes and insects in general. Prick one or two oranges with about twenty cloves, as you know now, and put them on your bedside table, then no flies and mosquitoes will approach you. It is also possible to replace the orange with other citrus fruits such as lemon or grapefruit. We wish you a peaceful sleep!

How can I make my house smell good?

All natural tricks break the record for effectiveness and durability! Lack of ventilation, annoying cooking odors, smelly home textiles? Do not panic! There is no shortage of solutions!

How to remove kitchen odors in an apartment with baking soda?

Baking soda is still at the top of the list because of its absorbent and neutralizing properties and will now serve as an air freshener. To do this, it is enough to mix it with the right ingredients, here we need water and essential oils such as lemon, lavender, eucalyptus or rosemary. This addition is not mandatory, but it will give your air freshener a special scent.

  • The first step is to pour one tablespoon of baking soda into a small container;
  • Add five drops of essential oil of your choice;
  • Stir well with a spoon;
  • Using a funnel, pour your scented baking soda into an empty, clean spray bottle (don’t take the risk of pouring without a spoon or funnel).
  • Fill your vaporizer with distilled water and stir the mixture well.
  • The air freshener is ready to use! Spray soiled surfaces or textiles that are saturated with cooking scent, such as the sofa, curtains, countertops, cabinet doors, etc. Where you want to clean the air.

How to change the smell of the house with the trick of essential oils?

Essential oil rhymes with pleasant smell. What better way to remove an unpleasant odor than with a floral concentrate? The great thing is that with regular use, these oils can penetrate the fibers of your home’s linens and permeate walls, furniture and objects, leaving your home feeling clean and fresh. It is the scent of the flower that you will smell at home. What a luxury! What are you waiting for to choose the perfume that suits you from the following combinations?

Lemon: With the tangy scent of lemon, freshness is guaranteed in your bathroom. Just put a few drops on the sponge or cotton cloth with which you clean your bathroom sanitary ware. It is life changing!

The Rose: Mixed with powdered green clay, known for its ability to absorb bad odors, the rose presents itself as a subtle fragrance in your interior. Simply add a few drops of rose essential oil to a cup filled with green clay and you’re done… Add a few drops from time to time to continuously enliven the scent.

Orange: Can you imagine a floor that gives off the scent of fresh orange? This can be achieved by adding a few drops of orange essential oil to the rinse water of your mop.

Lavender: Who has never thought of adding lavender to their closet? What a nice reminder of summer and holidays! Well, this time it’s lavender essential oil’s turn. Simply dip a cotton ball in this essential oil and place it at the bottom of your trash can, or simply spread a few drops of lavender essential oil in an electric diffuser.

Note: Avoid essential oils rich in phenol, as they continue to irritate mucous membranes, as well as those rich in neurotoxic ketones. Likewise, certain essential oils should be avoided by pregnant or nursing women, as well as children under the age of 3.

How do I get rid of the musty smell in my house? Other tips:

Before we discuss another natural trick, let’s emphasize how important it is to provide good ventilation in your home, otherwise there is no guarantee that you will change the musty smell. Now that we have dealt with ventilation, come and discover the other anti-odor tips:

Coffee grounds: Eliminate clogged sinks and clogged drains. Simply pour a cup of coffee grounds into your sinks that smell bad from standing water and run 1 gallon of very hot water over them. Say goodbye to the chemical opener!

Cinnamon: A stick of cinnamon, which you should take out of your pantry every time you fry fish, is mandatory! It’s simple: dip a cinnamon stick in a pot filled with water without a lid and let the mixture steep. The smell of fish will be only a distant memory.

White vinegar:  This ingredient proves its worth in all areas, including air purification. Place it at will on your kitchen countertop or bring it to the boil, the result will always be stunning!

A clean and purified home always makes you want to come home and share your favorite activities with your loved ones. With small, simple gestures you will give freshness to the air in your room!