Whether you took the advice of your nutritionist, went through a stressful period, or decided to go up a size on an online clothing site: Be aware that your favorite jeans that went up in size today still deserve a second chance to elegantly pair all of your outfits. We thought of you, Instead of getting a new pair of jeans that can not necessarily keep up with your first, in this article we give you some simple tips on how to adjust them without resorting to the nimble fingers of the seamstress!

How to tighten too big jeans at the waist?

Jeans remain the best ally for beautiful sunny days. Wear it with a white t-shirt or a loose pastel shirt, it will add a stylish and unique touch to your outfit. In fact, jeans are a timeless piece that will never be dethroned and is highly appreciated by both sexes regardless of their clothing tastes. It promises a relaxed hippie style, a smart office style or a minimalist elegant style, the choice is yours. You can see that it is a mat that you can combine with the top and accessories that you like. But wait … Why is yours sitting in your closet with no takers? No question about letting it rot, we have a trick that we will tell you. Do not worry, it does not require any extraordinary intervention of the seamstress or the sewing machine, you will see, we promise!

How to make jeans shrink at the waist with the elastic band trick?

The legacy of tips from our dear ancestors is unmistakable. And if you are too lazy to get out the needle and take your breath away while carefully sewing, know that we have a far simpler and more effective trick that will let you shrink your jeans with the least effort. To do this, all you need is an elastic band that you insert into the belt of the pants with a safety pin, also called a safety pin. We will explain how to do this in the following steps:

  • Turn your jeans inside out and make an opening in the lining of the belt on both sides.
  • Choose an elastic band that matches the length of your waist circumference, insert it into the opening with a safety pin and pull it out on the other side;
  • Tighten the elastic before securing the two pins on either side in the belt of the jeans.
  • Pull your pants on to test the new size before tying off the ends of the elastic and sewing the cut out stitches. There you have it!

This trick has the advantage of being quick and customizable, since you can remove the elastic if you ever return to your original size. In addition, you can also replace the elastic band with a shoelace to be inserted in the same way. The latter might reveal small wrinkles that you can easily hide with a pretty satin or silk ribbon. Handy, right?

How to shrink jeans in boiling water when washing without a dryer?

Have you ever noticed that your jeans come out of the washing machine shrunk? This is normal because the fibers of the fabric tend to contract in water. So, can you imagine the effect boiling water has? So, here’s a tip to follow:

  • First, fill a pot halfway with water and let it boil;
  • Then turn your jeans by folding them on themselves and put them in the pot with steak tongs for half an hour.
  • Collect the jeans when the water has cooled down and put them in your washing machine with the rest of your laundry as usual.

Now all you have to do is let it air dry and iron it with an iron. This last detail supports the other steps for a customized result. You’ll be surprised to find that your pants have shrunk a size and you can now wear them without worry!

This was a little DIY tutorial on how to shrink your favorite jeans with no effort and no cost.