Why throw away your man’s shirt when you can give it a second life with a little imagination and creativity? In fact, men’s shirts can be recycled into women’s clothing with simple and clever tricks! Ladies, here are some ideas on how to give your outfit a unique and personal touch. Can’t wait to find out how? Let’s get to the rest of this article.

How can a woman wear a men’s shirt?

Whether it’s a capri or a daytime nude, the men’s shirt adds a special touch to your look. Depending on how you combine it with your outfit, it can give you a unique look, namely a daring boy style, a sexy chic, a rebellious hippie or a casual style. Now that our pretty ladies have dared to stand out with the men’s shirt, here are some ideas on how to incorporate it into your outfit according to your preferences of the day:

  • For a relaxed style, tuck a loose-fitting men’s shirt into your high-waisted jeans and leave some room at the waistband. This look will make you look confident and comfortable at the same time;
  • For a bold and sexy style, put on a short-sleeved men’s shirt, tie the bottom corners until your waist is tight, and then button it up. It’s best to pair it with slim jeans to make your silhouette stand out even more;
  • To play the tourist, prefer the linen shirt with jean shorts or even with pants made of the same material. Also note that the linen shirt can also be worn in the office with a blazer and tight pants. It doesn’t get any lighter and more practical on hot days.

Here you are with three stylish and original looks, which will fit an available eye-catcher in the closet of your beloved husband, father or brother.

Shirts upcycling: How to reuse a men’s shirt as a women’s by adapting the collar and sleeves?

Wearing a men’s shirt is perfect, even better is to recycle it or mend it exactly to your liking. However, we will give you some tutorial tips on how to turn men’s shirts into women’s shirts yourself. It’s not as unusual as it looks, I promise … Let’s give free rein to the ideas!

With a classic men’s blouse, you can sew a feminine shirt with a beautiful neckline.  To do this, simply cut off the top of the collar and the quarter of each sleeve with scissors, and then sew an elastic band with a sewing machine to get an elastic hem at chest level the ends of the sleeves. Here you have, ladies, a beautiful, light and stylish shirt, to which you can even add a leather or ring belt.

The second option is to sew a cotton tank top into your men’s shirt. The idea is to be able to unbutton the first two or three buttons of the shirt to reveal the tank top.  To make this patch, simply turn your shirt inside out and sew the bottom of the bands of your tank top with a needle and sewing thread. You can play with the color contrast as you see fit.

A third trick, for which you don’t need a needle or thread, is to take the widest and longest men’s shirt you have and adjust it to fit your figure in the back.  To do this, stand in front of a mirror, determine how much shirt you want to hide at the waistband, roll it up by hand and finally close it with a hair tie. The shirt will fit your size perfectly!

Are you a fan of colorful and bohemian shirts? Perfect! This trick does not require any effort from you, just replace the pocket of the men’s shirt with another piece of fashionable fabric. It can be embroidered, made of lace or leather… It’s up to you! The main thing is to sew it into the shirt so that no traces of the thread are visible. Ladies, you just have to follow one of these tutorials at home to find a new look full of verve and originality. Dare to make the difference!

How to make a dress with a men’s shirt without pattern or sketch?

What is the most girly way to wear a men’s shirt? There is only one answer to this question: wear it as a dress! And yes, dresses have an incredibly sublime power. We assure you that for this tip you do not need instructions or intervention in the sewing machine. Just give a second life to the famous white XXL shirt by putting it on with bike shorts and espadrilles, always touching the belt and unbuttoning the first buttons. You can also move the sleeves a little asymmetrically to reveal your shoulders and put on a beautiful lace tank top. Magnificent!