Surely you have some wooden furniture in your home and probably some of it is no longer in excellent health.

You may not know, however, that there are a number of “grandmother’s” remedies that are really very useful in trying to make the furniture as good as new. Let’s see in detail!

Wooden furniture: natural remedies to make it like new again

Whether we are talking about doors, chairs, pantries or sideboards, wood in the home is never lacking. However, with daily use, all these pieces of furniture inevitably risk being ruined. However, there are some precautions you can follow, or rather some really useful DIY remedies. Let’s see which ones.

First, we recommend using apple cider vinegar. You may have noticed that many products for cleaning wood are just based on apple cider vinegar? This is because it is a very useful product in this regard.

Wood surfaces are able to acquire a special shine: just dampen a microfiber cloth with water that is not boiling, but lukewarm. Then pour on a little apple cider vinegar and start wiping the cloth over the wooden furniture. Let it sit for at least twenty minutes before rinsing, and then you will notice the difference! The result is truly amazing!

It might sound strange, but lemon juice is also really excellent for cleaning wood. It is a good alternative to chemical and industrial products: lemon juice can be used on wood and steel unconditionally.

Simply combine lemon juice with water and then use this mixture on a cloth to best clean and polish all surfaces. The house will be smelling great and clean!

The olive oil trick

Finally, there is a very interesting trick that involves the use of olive oil. This is a useful product in so many fields, not only in cooking. On wood, it is useful not only as an actual cleaner, but also because of its abilities it is able to give nourishment to the material and make it very durable and visually spectacular.

It will be enough, in this case, to pour a small amount of olive oil on some absorbent cotton or a cotton cloth, which does not scratch the surfaces. At this point, we gently rub the various pieces of furniture, and we will already notice the result after a few minutes. There is no need to rinse, but in some cases, it may be necessary to remove the extra oil.