Caring for your bedding is essential to having a soft and peaceful night’s sleep. Clean, fragrant and wrinkled bedding will provide the comfort you need. When you go through the washing machine, your sheets often tend to wrinkle, making them more likely to be ironed. To avoid this annoying task you dread so much, a simple gesture could be the solution. Wrinkled bedding doesn’t feel comfortable and ironing it can be quite a tedious task. Here’s a trick that will help you get bed sheets with as few wrinkles as possible. The key is simply to use only one ingredient.

Throw a spoonful of this popular ingredient into your washing machine and prevent wrinkled sheets

What if we told you that a simple spoon in your washing machine can make a difference when it comes to preventing wrinkles in your sheets? For this, you can rely on a specific product that softens the fibers of the sheet: white vinegar. This is also the reason why it stands out strikingly the best natural alternative to fabric softeners.

While white vinegar is unanimously recognized as a remarkable household product, many of us are still unaware of its effectiveness on fabric. It proves to be a valuable ally for washing and caring for bedding as well as sheets and clothing. This will allow your textiles or other fabrics to regain their color and vibrancy. In addition, vinegar is safe for the skin and therefore ideal for those whose skin is sensitive to chemicals.

To enjoy a smooth sheet thanks to white vinegar, simply use it as a substitute for fabric softener. To do this, simply pour the product into the compartment for fabric softener and that’s it. If it is recommended to prefer more white vinegar, this is because, despite the effectiveness of a fabric softener, sometimes the latter causes the fabric to gradually lose its soft texture. But that’s not all, as the softeners available on the market are likely to cause allergies and itchy skin.

Moreover, if you are irresistible to the smell of fabric softener, if you prefer white vinegar instead, you can alternate its use. Even better is to stay in white vinegar and add a few drops of essential oil of your choice such as lavender, lemongrass or eucalyptus. In any case, iron your sheets more easily by replacing your fabric softener with white vinegar and further removing the next ironing.

In addition to softening sheets, white vinegar can take care of the washing machine. It should be stated or reminded that white vinegar always amazes

On the one hand, it can be used to brighten white linen like baking soda. It is simply effective to extend the life of your washing machine. In this sense, you only need to vacuum with water and white vinegar once or twice a month, and the machine will be as good as new. Also, for this reason, it is often used as the main ingredient for deep cleaning the washing machine. It is therefore perfect for loosening the dirt that gets trapped in the rubber seals of the machine. We should also add that it deals very well with mold that can settle in certain places of the machine and affect the cleanliness of the laundry.

Whether it is to enjoy wrinkle-free sheets, to take care of the washing machine or to brighten the laundry, white vinegar seems to us one of the best natural allies we can count on.