It is impossible to imagine our kitchen without eggs. This unstoppable source of protein can be made into a fried egg or herbed omelets. However, if you want to cook them, avoid doing so by taking them out of the fridge. Many share the habit of taking the egg out of the fridge before cooking it. However, you need to wait for a while before cooking them.

Why should eggs from the refrigerator not be cooked?

These foods with high nutritional value provide tone and shape when consumed together with a balanced diet, which is essential for good health.   However, if you take them out of the refrigerator, you should set the eggs aside a few minutes before cooking.

It is important to bring the eggs to room temperature before placing them in hot water. This is because if you don’t, a violent reaction will occur that could cause a crack in the shell. You will end up with a waterlogged boiled egg instead of a properly cooked hard-boiled egg. In addition, the temperature difference between the chilled egg and hot water can cause the egg white in the shell to become solid, making it difficult to peel. You need to let the egg stand at room temperature for 5 minutes after you take it out of the refrigerator before cooking it.

  • Eggs, a source of protein for the hair

The virtues of the egg do not stop at the body. This protein source can be used to improve your hair like olive oil. It is recommended for brittle, dull hair, but also for blonde manes, as it gives beautiful highlights. First, put an egg yolk in a container and mix it with two tablespoons of honey and the same amount of warm water. Apply this preparation from the roots to the tips. After waiting 30 minutes, you just need to rinse. Your hair will become shiny and silky. A natural and ecological alternative to conditioner, which often consists of chemicals.

Why keep eggshells at home?

Apart from their cosmetic benefits, eggs can help you for your home and garden as long as you know how to use them well.

  • Eggshells are useful for cleaning your pans

If you have to grind eggshells and keep them at home, it’s because they can be useful for cleaning your kitchen utensils thanks to their abrasive properties. Like baking soda, they are great for degreasing the bottom of a pan. If you want to use this trick, grind the peels in a blender until you get a homogeneous powder. Then add it to soapy water in a container. Rub your dishes with this preparation with a damp cloth to remove traces of grease. Magic, isn’t it?

  • Eggshells enrich your soil

After crushing your eggshells, sprinkle them on your garden soil. It’s a natural, calcium-rich fertilizer for fertilizing plants.