Are you still throwing those little bags in the garbage can? – I’ll show you why you shouldn’t in future!

We’ve all had silica gel in our hands. These little sachets are usually found in the packaging of clothes, bags or electronic items we’ve just bought. They help to eliminate moisture. Most people throw these little sachets straight into the garbage can, but you shouldn’t do so in future. Because there are some things you can do with them, and I’ll show you what they are here.

You should save those silica gel packets that come with your purchases. Here’s why

  1. If your cell phone gets wet or damp, just put it in a bowl with a few packets of silica gel and it will dry out again.
  2. To prevent your tools from rusting, you should keep a few packets of silica gel in your toolbox.
  3. The same goes for your cutlery. Place a few sachets in the drawer where you keep your cutlery.
  4. You can also keep a few sachets in your sports bag. They absorb moisture from sports clothes, which should reduce the smell.
  5. You can also always put a few bags in your wardrobe so that your laundry doesn’t start to smell.
  6. Ideally, old photos or documents should not be damp, so that they don’t start to mildew. For this purpose, place a few bags between the photos or documents.
  7. Wet shoes and malodorant? Problem! Here too, you can place a few silica gel sachets inside to absorb the moisture.

You can also remove the moisture from the sachets and reuse them again and again. To do this, place them on a baking tray, set the oven to 212 °F (ca. 100 °C)  and leave them there for 30 minutes.

In future, you should definitely keep your silica gel sachets. That way, you’ll always have some on hand if you need it for any of the applications presented here.