Cleaning the oven glass is important because the appliance, like any other, needs care and attention to last long and thus save both in consumption and otherwise. The oven is an appliance that no one can do without. We all use it to prepare first courses, second courses, desserts and everything else we bring to the table for lunch or dinner.

Many housewives love it because cooking any preparation in the oven is healthy cooking. Among other things, it solves some problems for those who do not have much time to waste in the kitchen, do not have the opportunity to cook the way they want, or just do not like to cook.  Just take the food, put it on the tray with a splash of oil and in some cases without, and the problem is solved. Without oil and with little salt, the device brings delicious and healthy dishes to the table, perfect for people with strict diets.

Washing the glass of the oven and the entire interior of the device is essential

Just like the washing machine, the oven and especially the glass must be cleaned, inside and out. Especially when cooking oily food cannot say no to cleaning, because it becomes a war scenario. It requires the use of something that we all have at home, that we use not only for cooking but also to clean some areas of the house. We are talking about vinegar and baking soda, which are two valid allies of housewives. Vinegar and bicarbonate can clean any surface and make it look like new again without too much stress, without rubbing for minutes with the risk of ruining the resistors and hurting yourself.

The solution is sprayed directly on the affected area and then left to act for at least 20 minutes. It can then be removed with a damp, naturally clean cloth. Alternatively, there is a second remedy that takes very few minutes but works in the same way.

The super miraculous dough from water and baking soda

You need to prepare a dough from the baking soda and pour the water slowly. The batter is applied to the glass and left to act for at least 2 hours, the baking soda, once removed, removes all stubborn stains like no other product. Once you discover these simple, practical, economical and alternative solutions, nothing will be a problem. Cleaning the oven will become almost a hobby, but certainly a breeze.