The dishwasher is one of us women’s favorite appliances; how much I save on hard work! But plates, glasses and cutlery are not always dry at the end of the cycle, quite the opposite.

The reason is simple: water vapor forms during the drying phase and as soon as the door is opened, it evaporates so quickly that tiny but numerous water droplets are formed. This forces us to reach for the towel and go through everything carefully. Avoiding this step is easy with the microfiber cloth trick. Let’s find out together what it’s made of! It’s super simple and ingenious!

Always dry dishes in the dishwasher with the cloth trick. Brilliant!

To put the cloth trick into practice, all you need to do is get one that is very clean and designed for this purpose only. Once the rinse cycle is finished, open the door and put it in folded up. Microfiber or cotton fibers attract water vapor like a magnet and plates, glasses and cutlery are free of condensation. To prevent the dishes from drying out, you can take some very simple precautions to further reduce the formation of steam droplets. Let’s start with the fact that it is necessary to create space: Do not jam plates, pots, bowls. Make sure that the water and air circulate well without compressing them.

Leave the door open at the end of the wash to allow steam to escape and prevent bad odors. If you keep the dishes in the dishwasher, you risk the formation of unsightly streaks due to limescale deposits. Empty it intelligently. Condensation tends to rise and settle more on the top shelf where the glasses are placed. So, start by removing everything you have placed at the bottom to avoid dripping.

Prepare this natural rinse aid for washing dishes, which prevents water molecules from sticking to the surface, causing them to slide quickly. Dissolve 1/3 lb. of citric acid in one quart of water, add 10 drops of essential oil of your choice and mix well. Pour the mixture into an empty plastic bottle at this point and pour it into the special dish with each wash.

With these simple tricks you will always have dry dishes in the dishwasher!