9 foods that make you unnecessarily tired…

Some foods make you really tired and make it difficult to start the day. Here’s what you should avoid for breakfast.

Many people feel constantly tired, even though they have had enough sleep at night. The causes are mostly harmless, but sometimes conditions like hypothyroidism can be behind this symptom.

However, you don’t need to immediately see a doctor if you frequently suffer from tiredness. Take a closer look at your diet first, because what many people don’t know is that the following 9 foods are anything but energizers.

9 foods that make you unnecessarily tired

  1. Coffee on an empty stomach

Do you also drink your coffee every morning, only to find out shortly after that you are tired again? This is because caffeine constricts blood vessels, causing the brain to lack oxygen, leading to tiredness. Try starting your mornings with green or black tea instead of coffee. It also provides alertness and is healthy.

  1. Sweet breakfast

Another mistake early in the morning is the Nutella sandwich. Those who eat sweet in the morning should not be surprised by the torturous tiredness later in the morning. The high sugar content leads to a concentration and performance low shortly after.

  1. Greasy or fried food

Kebabs, burgers, pizzas, as well as ready-made meals are rich in fat. Unfortunately, such heavy meals lead to a dip in energy levels as the digestion of this heavy food requires a lot of energy.

  1. Red meat and raw vegetables

Who would have thought? Even the healthy salad or delicious meat can cause fatigue. The body has to work hard to digest the many fibers in these foods, which makes you quite tired!

  1. White flour

Rolls, croissants, and the like may be delicious but they cause drowsiness. The quickly available carbohydrates quickly provide an energy boost. However, the energy disappears just as quickly as it came. The insulin production of the pancreas is responsible for lowering blood sugar levels.

  1. Low-fat yogurt

Those who watch their figure often opt for the lower-fat yogurt alternative, especially with fruit yogurts. However, these contain a lot of sugar to make the yogurt taste good. The high sugar content in turn causes the blood sugar level to rise sharply, then to drop even faster. The result is tiredness.

  1. Vegetable chips

Many people believe that vegetable chips are a healthier and figure-friendly alternative to conventional potato chips. But that’s a mistake because vegetable chips contain almost as many calories. In addition, they often contain a lot of potato starch, salt, sugar, and fat, which is not only unhealthy but also makes you tired. Furthermore, the Stiftung Warentest found health-hazardous pollutants in several tested products.

  1. Fruit smoothie

Mixing a few fruits together, and you have an energy-rich, alert start to the day? Far from it! Especially ready-made smoothies often contain a lot of sugar, which causes the blood sugar level to skyrocket, providing a short burst of energy. However, it then drops rapidly again, leaving you feeling even more tired than before.

  1. Nuts

No question – nuts are healthy. However, if you eat too many at once, you may feel tired. Because the body needs a lot of energy to digest the high-fat snack.

If you frequently eat any of the 9 foods mentioned, this could be the reason for your tiredness. However, if you’ve eaten burgers & Co. once, it’s better not to give in to tiredness afterwards. A walk or green tea (or coffee) should help.