Are coffee grounds a good fertilizer for orchids?

It is considered an effective natural fertilizer for many plants.

But can it ultimately benefit orchids?

It is true that they are sublime plants, but demanding.

And they need special, adapted care.

So I asked my florist if it was really a good idea to add coffee grounds to my Orchidaceae pot.

And his answer really surprised me!

Because actually no, it’s not really good for them. Explanations:

Are coffee grounds good for orchids?

Coffee grounds are not good for orchids

Contrary to popular belief, it is not recommended to use it to encourage flowering.

No, these magnificent flowers do not like this fertilizer, even though it is natural and very rich.

At least that is the opinion of experts and enthusiasts.

Not only does it not help them to grow or bloom …

But there is even a risk of weakening them.

Here’s why :

Why are coffee grounds not suitable for potted orchids?

There are several reasons why coffee grounds and orchids do not mix.

1. on the one hand, placing them directly in the pot can block the air circulation between the roots.

And that can cause mold.

And then you can imagine that this is not good for your plant …

This is especially true if you use it while it is still wet!

Because this natural product can itself become moldy.

This can cause the roots to rot and your flower to become ill.

2. on the other hand, the roots of orchids are not like the roots of other plants.

They often come out of the pot (which is completely normal).

They therefore do not have the ability to absorb nutrients like most plants.

It is therefore advisable to use a special, more suitable organic fertilizer.

3. for coffee grounds to be effective, they must also work in moist soil.

Orchids love alternating periods of moisture, but also of dryness.

Which our coffee grounds don’t really like!

Because our natural fertilizer simply cannot develop its full effect in a dry environment.

4. let’s not forget that they like a slightly acidic environment… but not too much!

However, certain types of coffee can have a pH value of less than 5.

They can therefore cause the growing environment of our beautiful exotics to become too acidic.

Which doesn’t suit these delicate flowers!

How to use coffee grounds for orchids?

We all agree that coffee grounds are not good for potted orchids.

Which is paradoxical, because it has many benefits for other plants…

How is this explained?

Because when it releases its nitrogen, this must first be broken down into ammonia and then nitrate.

Only in this form can it be absorbed by plants.

However, it is a lengthy process that can only take place in the soil and in a moist environment.

It is impossible to carry out this process in a flower pot at home …

Especially as the soil used for these plants is special.

It consists of fibers, pieces of bark, coconut fibers, charcoal, clay balls, but also perlite and peat moss.

This is not the case for terrestrial orchids, which grow in the ground (and not in pots)!

Under these conditions, coffee grounds are beneficial for orchids.

Now you know what to do:

  • If you have orchids in pots, don’t put coffee grounds in them.
  • But if you have some growing in the ground in your garden, then yes, you can feed them with coffee grounds.