Tampons are the faithful companion of many women from month to month. But these little white helpers can do much more than just prevent period accidents. Read here why you should put a tampon in your plants in future.

How a tampon can save your houseplant

Houseplants not only complete your home decor, they also improve the indoor climate and provide relaxation. The only problem is watering them. It’s not just beginners who make serious mistakes here, even professionals still experience the odd mishap. But what can you do if the plant has been overwatered? This is where the tampon comes into play.

Tampon trick helps with waterlogging

If you have watered your plant too much, this is by no means a death sentence for it. But how do you save the soil and get rid of the little lake in the pot? A tampon can help quickly. Very practical, because most of us already have these white menstrual aids in the bathroom.

As tampons are highly absorbent, they can also remove excess water from the pots of your overwatered plants. To do this, insert the tampon (preferably XXL size) upside down into the soil. Now wait a few hours. The tampon will eventually absorb the water from the plant soil and become saturated.

If there is a lot of water, you can also put several tampons in the pot. This will save your green roommates from drowning. Did you think you would ever think about putting a tampon in your plants?