How to prevent an avocado from turning black…

Sometimes you only need half an avocado for a dish. If the remaining half is stored incorrectly, the exotic fruit will turn brown in no time. The following tips help prevent this.

If you don’t need a whole avocado for cooking or preparing a dish, it’s best to quickly use the cut half. If you wait too long, you risk getting an unappetizing brown colored fruit. To keep avocados fresh longer, you can also use the following tips.

Why does avocado turn brown so quickly?

Oxygen causes the flesh of an avocado to turn brown quite quickly after being cut. To slow down the oxidation process, however, it is possible to act against it.

1. Wrap the avocado tightly to prevent browning

The first tip is obvious: to avoid oxidation or delay it as long as possible, it is best to always wrap and store a sliced avocado airtight.

2. Store the cut avocado with the pit

If you only eat half of the fruit, you should also keep the other half with the stone. This contains enzymes that delay the browning of the avocado. This also works if you make guacamole and store it in the refrigerator.

3. Store the open avocado with the onion

A similar principle is to store avocado with red onions. They have sulfur compounds that prevent the avocado from browning too quickly. Simply store the opened fruit with the onions in airtight packaging.

4. Add lemon juice to avocado halves

Lemon and lime contain antioxidants that help keep opened avocados fresh longer. A few drops of juice on the fruit or in the guacamole are enough to delay the browning – and are also very palatable.